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Violet-hair son

This happened the first time that Vegeta saw Trunks XD
What a shock for the poor Saiyan Prince...anyway baby Trunks was such a cute child^^ I love him :heart:

Vegeta,Bulma,Trunks (c) Akira Toriyama
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Next thing you know, we're gonna Vegeta and Bulma on an episode of Maury because Vegeta doesn't believe Trunks is his son 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Ok Vegeta! Here's the person you blame: Dr. Briefs. You see, with us "puny" Earthlings, sometimes we receive our grandparents genetic traits, and Dr. Briefs had Violet hair, soooooo... I'm sorry Dr. Briefs, beware of Vegeta....
are new born prince of all saiyan
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Vegeta: It's doesn't matter. The important is he would be the most strongest warrior. The second, because I'm always will be the first.
Bulma: And about Goku?
Vegeta: Shut up! No way I can't lose to Kakarot for that!
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For the people who don't get it

Vegeta thinks she cheated on him with Future Trunks (Because of him having purple hair)
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So? Blooma's hair is purple too
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Yes it is, read the manga

...................... Volume 2 and up that is
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Yeah, now if I remember correctly, There were some parts of the show where her hair was Purple.
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I think Toriyma is notorious for forgetting his universe sometimes...he admitted he just forgot about Goku's and the rest of the sayians having tails, and then Vegeta's hair being a dark red.

But the last part is explainable...sayians are noted for having two features: black hair and monkey tails. Think he just changed his mind mid-arc.
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He didn't forgot about the tail it was just easier to draw them without it so he didn't included it, as for super saiyan it was made because they wanted to save ink drawing Goku's hair which was all black when turned super saiyan they could leave it white in manga which saved money
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no its just a chance of the half sayian born with tail just like gohan goku and other or not like goten and trunks so its just a chance of born
Actually, he never admitted that. In fact, he said that the reason Goten, Trunks, Pan and Bulla don't have tails is because the ability to turn Oozaru is a recessive trait, and he also said that rather than turning Oozaru they instead can turn into Super Saiyans much more easily, which is why they were Super Saiyans as little more than toddlers. The thing about him supposedly forgetting about the tails is made up, along with a decent few other things Toriyama has supposedly said. It's worth fact-checking.
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While we're on the subject of did the moon grow back....twice?
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Kami restored it back, he's an god afterall

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it was wished back both times
Except Gohan turned into Oozaru during the first fight against Vegeta
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his tail after vegeta shot both him and krillin with one of his beams and the bluts wave ball that was still lit did the rest.
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Trunks has violet hair because Bulma's father has that same hair color, it's just lightened a great deal with age.
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I think Dr brief has the same color hair
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I thought his hair was grey.
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WHat does Vegeta have against Violet hair ?
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Vegeta: How this baby can have violet hair if my is black and your is blue? The son of Kakarot have a same hair color that idiot!
Bulma: Just shut up and loves our baby.
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Hahaha haha I still don't get how come Trunks got violet hair when both parents have black & aqua blue hair... would have been cool for him to have vegeta's hair colour and bulma's eye colour since Bulla has Bulma's eye colour and hair colour.
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