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Vegeta's 10 worst nightmares



I wanted to do this since loooong time ago! XD

I hope you like it 'cause I really do!
I had a lot of fun drawing it! XDDD

Poor Vegeta... I love him so much and I torture him so much... u_u

All characters are (c) Akira Toriyama
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first scene, trunks turn beast form and beats vegeta.

second scene, the guy who dated bulla was son of farmer with shotgun he shots vegeta dead.

third scene, z fighters annilates vegeta

fourth scene , black frieza solo foddgeta.

fifth scene, king vegeta use belt on vegeta.

sixth scene super 18 broke vegeta arm

seventh scene, nothing

eighth scene, Nappa and raditz turn him gay

ninth scene, god yamcha beats him and show all video of him screwing bulma,panchy,and bulla

tenth scene Goku kills vegeta for good