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Tartan Dahlia Kirin

Custom plant based kirin for Majardia, this one is based off of a tartan dahlia! I had quite a bit of fun (albeit challenging fun) sorting out the complicated petal patterns to make a little more sense/be easier on the eyes. Worked out well in the end! :D

I need to get back to doing some of these fruit/veggie/plant kirins again for fun! I have ideas, but not enough time/energy these days.

Colored pencils (Caran d'Ache, Derwent, and one lone Prismacolor) on Strathmore grey toned paper, approx. 9 x 12".

Art (C) April Schumacher. Please do not plagiarize, use for profit, repost on other sites as your own, claim copyright, etc. Thank you!
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So mesmerizing. This is a fantastic looking creature.
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Such a lovely color scheme!
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Rather nice looking fellow
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Fantastic. Also great paper choice
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I had no idea I'd like this paper as much as I do. It's simply perfect! 
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it looks so dainty~
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Gowd this is so beautiful.
I love the petal patterns you have created; with your permission would you allow them on a dragon design?
Regardless I will sit here and enjoy this greatly.

I would really love to see more of these in the future too
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I don't own the concept of petal/scale/feathery coverings, but if you think your version looks "too close" you can always cite this as inspiration and that would be perfectly fine. :)

I'd love to do more of these, they're great fun and give me an excuse to use some wild colors. :D
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love it squeals... what is it? 
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I absolutely love these. I really do hope you get more time, because these are so fun! :heart:
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I hope so too; it combines my love of plants with something I'm more accustomed to drawing. Only thing is I can't do too many of these at once, since colored pencils don't play nice with my tendonitis. :XD:

That aside, they ARE wicked fun. :D
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Wow. Amazing! 
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Thanks very much! :D
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Thank you so much! :aww: Would love to see the flower this is based off in person. :nod:
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This is one of the best interpretations of a kirin I've ever seen. ouo
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Wow! I LOVE how vibrant these colors are!!! :love: 
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