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More Birds Stamp
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Published: October 18, 2012
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My favorites consist mainly of birds... (Take a look, if you don't believe me.)

And to say the least, I'd like more birds. Not like I can make anyone take a break from drawing dA's favorite animal (WOOOOOOOLVES!) but... BIRDS! BIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRDS.

Draw them. They're not just for grandmas/babushkas anymore.

I obviously made this for myself... I doubt anyone else would have use for it. But if you do, feel free to use this.

The image is from one of my own paintings...

*Fingers crossed for the file showing properly*

Pallanoph, you are such a b*tch. >:C
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ThatRandomUnderbirb's avatar
ThatRandomUnderbirb|Hobbyist General Artist
birbs are the FRIGGIN best. i have chickens, quails, and i used to have peacocks!
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KlutzyNinjaKitty's avatar
KlutzyNinjaKitty|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Birds are awesome! I would upload them more if I could just get their heads right! 
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Blood-Soaked's avatar
Blood-Soaked|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm a cat person/lover :)
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Flvffy-card's avatar
Flvffy-card|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it ok that I draw cats? Also, birds were never for old people only. That's cats.
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Flvffy-card's avatar
Flvffy-card|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I could draw birds.
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imagine--nation's avatar
imagine--nation|Hobbyist General Artist
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Aquiloussus's avatar
Aquiloussus|Hobbyist General Artist
yes down with the mammals 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Great-Skua's avatar
Great-Skua|Student Digital Artist
I am with you as one of the bird people ! 
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Rahula87's avatar
Rahula87|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Completely agree!
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WolfAmongShadows's avatar
WolfAmongShadows|Hobbyist General Artist
Wha... What if I <3 both the same amount?
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avianAbstraction's avatar
avianAbstraction|Hobbyist General Artist
It's great knowing there are people who share my views. Thanks for making this!
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Stormwisps's avatar
Stormwisps|Hobbyist General Artist
I have always loved birds more than wolves.
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vio-lin's avatar
vio-lin|Hobbyist General Artist
birdies are so cute i love em

using when i get premium (i kinda don't know how to use them without premium haha)
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Quetzal-Queen's avatar
Quetzal-Queen|Student Traditional Artist
I love wolves but I love birds better, and I have so for much longer. I feel like birds should be more appreciated, and I feel like there should be more bird personas or original characters. I have a persona named Starfeather, a hummingbird- does anyone else have a bird character?
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TropicBird5's avatar
TropicBird5|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yas, so yas.
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CherubFeet's avatar
CherubFeet|Hobbyist General Artist
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Pharamunos's avatar
Pharamunos|Professional Digital Artist
why not both?
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Heichukar's avatar
Heichukar| Digital Artist
i agree with this XD especially as birdartist
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forkhead12's avatar
Last of the dinosaurs vs average canids (No offense to other canids like bush dogs, jackals and grey foxes)
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PrinceRyan1998's avatar
Birds are great~! Then again I live in a house with four birds so I just about LOVE everything bird~!
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DyingMarshmallows's avatar
I would like to see more bird  fursonas
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LexerJ's avatar
LexerJ|Student Photographer
I am totally with you.... :salute:

Btw had to use this!
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alphawolfgiirl's avatar
alphawolfgiirl|Professional General Artist
wolfs r the best!!
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Jaguar24's avatar
Jaguar24|Hobbyist General Artist
(I know this is a troll account)
Here's an interesting fact on birds: they are almost all we have left of the dinosaurs
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