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Commission Price List 2014 by pallanoph, visual art

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My Bio
A freelance illustrator that graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, May 2008. Currently living in St. Paul MN, AKA "Pig's Eye Landing." :B

Interested mainly in book illustration and creature design. Currently fettered by her involvement in personal projects/world development for a novel in progress. Also suffering from "sketch syndrome."

She has also worked with Orion Group Publishers in London, as well as creating promotional works for local musicians.

Artist Rights by taruto Do not use any work in my gallery in any way without my permission. This includes blatant plagiarism in all of its forms, which is not the same as "inspiration." (Please use your own creativity.) If you wish to ask for my permission, please take use of dA's convenient note system as opposed to posting on my profile page. Please and thank you. :thanks:

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: All art contained within this gallery is © to me, April Schumacher. All rights reserved.

Favourite Visual Artist
Albrecht Durer, John Howe, Graeme Base, Nicholas Di Genova... People I am watching here...
Favourite Writers
Phillip Pullman, Charles de Lint, J.R.R. Tolkien... I could stand to read more.
Tools of the Trade
acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pastel, pen and ink, pencil, colored pencil, digital.
Other Interests
Mythology, psychology, anatomy, astronomy, biology, animals, nature, art, writing...

Commissions Open: 5 Slots

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Sorry I haven't been around in any way that matters this year. I'm hoping to do some uploads of work I've been doing for a small solo gallery show that goes up in January, so that's what has been taking all my time this year. That said, I'm out of work due to breaking my arm in November and am waiting for short term disability to kick in. In the meantime, however: COMMISSIONS! ARE! OPEN! Please refer to the commission options and prices below, I'm not open for larger commissions and the commission guide is severely outdated. I promise to make a new one in the coming months. How to claim a commission/ask for a quote: Email me at Be sure to include the type of commission you are looking for (ex. colored pencil special), whether you'd like a portrait or full-body piece, the subject you want commissioned, any reference images/etc if you have them, and whether or not you'd like the original art shipped. All payments to be made via Paypal invoices. Once your
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A quick head’s up! A set of six pre-made Aequis designs will be posted tomorrow, Friday 2/22!
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Custom Aequis Design Slots: 1 Left!

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ONE SLOT REMAINING! How to Claim a Slot: Email me at These are first come, first serve! In the future I might use a different system, but for now, that’s how I’m rolling. FYI: these take quite a while to make, so if you are uncomfortable with waiting more than two months for art, please do not order! Once I email you back to confirm your claim, please send the following details so we can move on: Pick your design tier: There are three separate pricing tiers, listed at the bottom of this post. Pick your Aequis type: A list of all types are found in this masterpost here: https://pallanophblargh.tumblr.
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Hi there! I set my eyes on quite a few of your wonderful bird art that I would gladly feature in my brand-new raptor group ArsRapax | DeviantArt

Can you pls submit them to our gallery! Ive collected and filtered it here in the favorites folder with your username:

Orphydian - Hobbyist, General Artist | DeviantArt

This thematic really fits you, shame that you haven't done more real birds of prey. I think it's your best. If you did but you haven't uploaded here on DeviantArt pls consider doing it since I'll probably feature that too 😁

Also, you are free to join us!

Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it!
Feliz Cumpleaños... Dios te Bendiga Grande y Abundantemente...!!!
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Happy birthday to you, I wish things here were left the same, but an imminent threat has emerged, if you heard, Eclipse will replace the old DA that most of us are still using and must keep. We will not allow them to take it away from us, so will you join us in the fight to keep the old DA? If so, here's the details:…

If all else fails, consider supporting this group as their building a new site: