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Glass icon theme for Linux


2013:06:27 First minimal release
2014:08:11 Some corrections
2016:03:28 After first version, I was begin optimizing my file sizes.
2016:10:03 more apps.. before pause

2018:01:02 New file structure for more efficient, a huge number of application icons
2018:01:31 more apps icons
2018:02:04 requested apps, and status icons
2018:02:12 icons for fire-jail-... , and others
2018:02:21 added more folders, and all my new apps. icons
2018:02:24 new apps icons
2018:03:03 more apps
2018:03̂:07 more apps
2018:03:11 more apps.., preview: ->…
2018:03:20 more folders, apps ...
2018:04:05 many more application icons and folders ..
to be continued :)

License: open source,
for non commercial !

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