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Now, I know I’m the worst person to stay focused on a single project, and Destiny Bond is a great example. 

Thing is, after Page 2 I lost interest in the project, due to lack of fresh blood and motivation. The script and everything is fine, but it’s just... bland and uninspired. There’s not enough to keep anyone’s interest, just a basic fetch-type sidequest... 

SO basically, the project is gonna be reworked and shelved until I can get more inspiration. Thing is, I’m going to rewrite the whole thing eventually, as it isn’t up to my standards in it’s current state. 

Will it ever see the light of day? Yeah. I still love the characters and a few of the concepts. It just needed more polishing and I guess more content overall. 

The first few pages I posted have been removed from dA, as they didn’t look as good as I wanted them to. 

So basically, in short, there wasn’t enough things to keep it alive, only one drawn-on plot that didn’t seem to progress anywhere. Here’s the rough script if anyone cares to read it. Just as a reminder, it may be confusing to keep track of what’s going on as it’s very, very rough. You also get my notes in there too, so if you’re into that.... there you go.

Chapter 1-5Comic Script for Destiny Bond 
Chapter 1 – Crazy Old Man 
+ Unova Route 7 – Kenton’s Gigalith VS. Little Girl’s Deerling 
Gigalith: Gyooooooooooooo!!!! *crystals glow and rocks fly towards that flower deer thing* 
Deerling: *get stuck in rocks from Rock Tomb* Deer! 
Little Girl: Deerling! *runs over and hugs the trapped deer Pokemon* You’re a big meanie!  
Kenton: *smirks* Only you care, little girl. Come on, Gigalith. This isn’t worth our time.  
Gigalith: *roars again, and goes back into its Ultra Ball* 
Kenton: Is there anything even worth a damn in this stupid town... *slouches back and walks off* All these Pokémon are worthless. 
*old man pops out of bush*  
Kenton: *jumps* WHO THE @#$%& ARE YOU!?! 
Old Man: Why, young man, I’m you from the future! 
Kenton: *confused look* what…? 
Kenton: You need help.

Chapter 6-10Chapter 6 – Encounter with a Maniac 
+Mistralton City, Pokémon Center, Night 
 Nurse: Your Pokémon have been fully restored! *bows* We hope to see you again!  
Kent: *takes Ultra Balls and glares evilly at Kaba, who is sitting down and talking to a Hex Maniac, pointing at Kenton as both of them giggled* 
*Kent looks peeved* 
Kaba: And here he comes now! Heya, Kenty! 
Kent: Who the @#$% is that?  
Hex Maniac: I guess I can always count on you for a warm welcome.... So this is the fool who challenged my favorite god... yes...? 
Kaba: Yep! He got himself cursed too! Now he's stuck to me forever!  
Hex Maniac: Huh... sounds almost like Destiny Bond... 
Kent: Destiny Bond only makes both Pokémon faint when one faints, it doesn't do... THIS. *knocks on leg, making chain appear* 
Hex: Giratina is a strong one... banished to the Distortion World due to its power... Of course its Destin

Chapter 11-15 + SplitChapter 11 – Distortion Portal 
+ Mysterious Portal, ??? + 
Rem: Call me Dolorem Kanashi, mortal! We're crossing into my favorite god's realm...  
Kabaton: Whoa! Really? Where's Giratina at? Is he here, is he here? 
Kent: Of course he's not, sucker-face! WE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD BY NOW!  
Rem: I hate to agree with such a low-class being, but he is right... Giratina must be out somewhere...  
Kent: What’s the plan o’ mighty one? Lemme guess, we’re just gonna go for a casual ride in hell, right? 
Rem: No… our stop is coming up soon. Besides… *smirk* 
Kent: WHAT’S SO FUNNY @#$%@#$ WITCH!?!  
Rem: Ah… nothing, nothing. Pfttt… 
Kent: SPIT IT OUT YOU @#$%@#$ FOOL! I’LL BEAT THE @$#% OUTTA YOU, @#$%@#!!!!!  
Kaba: You should maybe chill out a little bit, K

So, yeah... guess this things going to be shelved for a little bit. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely work on it again (I already wasted so much time on it), but for now, perhaps I’ll rewrite it completely...


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