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Ghost/Steel Pokemon: Phantroid



Automaton Pokemon

Adaptability, Technician
Hidden Abilitiy
Volt Absorb

"Previously discarded as a failed creation, this machine became host to a wandering spirit."

Base Stats

HP: 90
Attack: 120
Defense: 80
Sp.Atk: 90
Sp.Def: 100
Speed: 20
Total: 500

Moves by Level

Start SonicBoom
Start Pound
Level 7 Tackle
Level 10 Night Shade
Level 14 Lock-On
Level 16 Charge Beam
Level 20 Magnet Bomb
Level 24 Simple Beam
Level 27 Headbutt
Level 31 Vital Throw
Level 33 Shadow Punch
Level 36 Sucker Punch
Level 43 Flash Cannon
Level 50 Meteor Mash

Moves by TM

TM04: Calm Mind
TM12: Taunt
TM15: Hyper Beam
TM16: Light Screen
TM20: Safeguard
TM23: Smack Down
TM24: Thunderbolt
TM25: Thunder
TM30: Shadow Ball
TM31: Brick Break
TM33: Reflect
TM57: Charge Beam
TM61: Will-O-Wisp
TM64: Explosion
TM66: Payback
TM67: Retaliate
TM68: Giga Impact
TM70: Flash
TM74: Gyro Ball
TM90: Substitute
TM91: Flash Cannon
TM93: Wild Charge
HM04: Strength

Moves by Tutor

Dark Pulse
Iron Defense
Iron Head
Magnet Rise
Signal Beam
Skill Swap
Zen Headbutt


I've been thinking a fair bit about the combination of Ghost/Steel lately and wanted to try my hand at one. There are a few very nice creations already out there; an entire evolutionary line by Trueform, Scrapnel and its evolutionary line by kooborisapphire, and Armogeist by theblueflames are the ones I have seen and like.

The pokemon I have created is essentially a failed robot, scientist created it and there was no activity from it. He put it in storage and eventually life came to it through the possession of a spirit. Whether you choose to find similarities to; Golett, Spiritomb, Confagrius, or any other similar pokemon types is entirely up to you. My reasoning behind turning him into a possessed robot is quite simple. The knight angle for Ghost/Steel has been covered and I like those ideas quite well enough not to mess with it.
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Well, I like it. I'd catch that.