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"You're nothing but a pack of cards!" --Alice

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It's embarrassing to say this took me 4 hours.
2 of the hours was thinking how
I could not create a cliche "Alice" deviation

Number [15] from 100 Manip Challenge [link]

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The first look at this picture takes the viewer away, in another world. There are a lot of strange things in this picture like the playing crds and the contortion at the top. It conveyes dynamic and a bit of a free feeling. The girl in the middle lookes up the where the cards come from and is sitting on a chair that is not fitted perfectly into the picture. This doesn't matter though because this picturee is very surrewal and it helps to convey a strange feeling.

I really like this poicture because of the colors and the strange view. Well done!

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The chair is one thing I need to fix
when I have the time to re-do this deviation better
thanks so much for the critique :heart: :hug:
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
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As an Alice in wonderland Fan, and as a general art appreciator, this picture caught my eye in a heartbeat.
There are so many things about this picture that are great. For starters, I just love how the whole picture has a sort of color scheme. It really makes the colors other than blue pop out. Especially the red in her clothes, and the black cards in the background. By the way, the blended cards in the background are done very very well. I'm not entirely sure how you did it, but great job! I also really like the way you captured this picture is the way it's captured, you feel like you're right there. Like the alice, and the cards, and everything are still moving.

Overall, a wonderful picture. great job, and keep up the good work.

Critique by *ChibiMoonX from #Xpose-it
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Thanks for being a part of our community <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile) - :)"/>
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:aww: Thank you so much! :heart:
I'm glad you noticed the detailed things
I didn't think others would notice
:huggle: in the future I hope I run into you again
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

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First off I love the colors. The beautiful blues really add a lovely contrast to this image. The background is done very nicely. You did nicely with the hair it may a need a little more flow just to even out the hair blown look. The chair is cute but needs a little more contrast besides black. I love the elegance of the image. I believe you captured the feeling of when she was falling through the rabbit hole. There is a sweet playful dreamy look to the image that I find very appealing. Overall I believe the image is very nicely done.
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Thank you!
I will try to fix this image
so it goes together better
:heart: :huggle:
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I really and truly love your work, i have been browsing it for hours, its so inspiring, i love Alice in Wonderland, this is a great twist:)
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You've been featured - a while ago - sorry it's late!
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:aww: thanks so much dear :huggle:
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interesting! cool colors and very eye-catching :w00t!:
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i love the composition!

Are we friends? Not yet? Wanna
exchange watch with me? I love having
friends here in DA and you at my list
will be so much. Just add me and i'll
add you back in return! thanks!
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pls. visit my gallery
if you have time :D
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Gallery spam is really unattractive to me
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Awesome ! Just Awesome ! Nice work !
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Thanks dear :huggle:
It means alot
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my compliments, I see a lot of work on this picture!!!

I love the expression of the girl, great effects!
What program did you used?
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Photoshop Elements 7 :D
Wow thanks so much dear :heart:
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you sure know how to use photoshop .... I'm waiting for more!keep up the good work!
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