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Smilosuchus gregorii schematic

Eddie infected me with phytosaur interest.

This is based on AMNH 3060, the largest Smilosuchus gregorii specimen known, which has a very nice uncrushed and complete skull but less complete postcrania. Only one phytosaur specimen has a longer skull, a scaled ~1.5 m Parasuchus which was much more gracile. 
Smilosuchus gregorii has some skeletal traits such as a straight and robust femur and slightly modified hip that indicates it was more terrestrial than ´normal´ phytosaurs, though less so than the smaller Nicrosaurus. Given that these traits are also present in Spinosaurus while we consider Spinosaurus quite aquatic I´d be cautious with calling it a terrestrial predator, but it probably was a competent semi-aquatic predator perfectly capable of killing large prey on land.
Given that phytosaurs appear to have had stronger bite forces than crocodiles at the same skull length it must have been a fearsome predator.

The specimen was found with a patch of tile-like armor plating in the throat area, The extent and shape of the complete armor section there is unknown, though it does indicate they had well defended necks with bony armor. 

It should be noted that when reconstructing phytosaurs I advise against giving Smilosuchus a crocodile-like skull texture. It and similar phytosaurs (Pseudopalatus, Brachysuchus and co.) have a fairly smooth bone texture on the majority of the skull and does not resemble the texture crocodylians have (some more basal, more aquatic phytosaurs do have that texture however). I´d go for scaly skin but lipless, or maybe a texture like what juvenile alligators have on their face.

Unlike some circulating estimates ranging from 9 to a whopping 12 meters for the largest phytosaurs, this schematic only comes out as a little bit over 7 m. 

Credit for :iconscotthartman: ´s Paleorhinus for the basis of the postcrania - this is a placeholder for when I gather enough will to make a good schematic using much more postcrania of other Smilosuchus specimens and closely related taxa, which will take a lot more cross scaling and shit so in the meantime this is a fine placeholder.

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What's that patch in the neck area? Is it a preserved skin patch, or...?
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It is not preserved skin, it is a piece of bony throat armor composed of fused tiles forming a curved basket-like shield for the neck area.
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Ah, thanks for clearing that up!
Phytosaurs outbite crocs?!
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Yeah they seem to have higher estimated bite forces indeed.
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Cease your existence and commit scooter ankle.
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Spam bots are a colossal pain in the ass, I'm very sorry you have to deal with them. Also, "commit scooter ankle" made me laugh! XD

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Well RIP I guess. Another hard downsize and much less tail eh? And where does the giant Parasuchus come from? Sorry, lots of uni work, Discord got distracting lol
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The tail here is mostly unmodified from Hartman´s Paleorhinus. It may very well end up with a larger tail if I make a more rigorous schematic using all closer relatives (if there´s enough data for that).
The giant Parasuchus is from this paper…
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Ah yes the huge Popo Agie specimen. I for one welcome our new giant Smilosuchus overlord!
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Interesting big extinct crock thing there :)
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This is pretty neat!
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No probs. I actually saw the specimen about a month ago.
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This the largest phytosaur?
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Tied with a giant Parasuchus sp. 
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