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WWI Dogfight

Drawn with colored pencils back in 2001.

Several years ago I was nuts for this old WWI flight sim game called Red Baron II and it was sort of the inspiration for this drawing. The British biplane in the foreground is a Sopwith Camel and I believe the German aircraft being shot at is an Albatross.
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Actually, the German aircraft looks to be a Fokker D.VII: [link]
Also, the colors of the Camel's tail are off, somewhat: [link] (The colors would be vertical).
Still, I think you did an excellent job on this. =)
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beautiful :) you inspire me ^_^
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The German plane is a Fokker D-7, dude. How long did it take you to do this?
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Thanks for the correction! I never was very good at picking out one WWI plane from another, there being so many. I don't recall how long it took me to do this since it was many years ago, but I'd like to say a few hours.
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Not a problem! Actually, Fokker aircraft differ greatly than the other German aircraft companies mostly by the way they look. One sure-fire way to identify a Fokker is to look at the rudder. In every design by Fokker, the rudder is always very rounded, and usually the whole vertical surface of the tail is the moving part of the rudder.
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I HAVE THAT GAME! It was very fun indeed, anyway awesome drawing :clap:
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