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Spinosaurus + Alanqa


I have removed Sarcosuchus as it was too early for Spinosaurus as far as we know.


Species: S. aegyptiacus, S. maroccansus. Meaning of name: Spined lizard.

North Africa, Albian to Cenomanian stages of the Cretaceous.

Classification: Theropoda, Tetanurae, Spinosauria.

Length: 17m.

Lifestyle: Piscivore/Carnivore.



Species: A. saharica. Meaning of name Phoenix from Sahara.

Morocco, Albian to Cenomanian stages of the Cretaceous.

Classification: Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea, Azhdarchidae.

Wingspan: 6m.

Lifestyle: Shellfish eater.


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The cunning spino has apparently  learned teleportation to instantly reach its victim!:D
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I prefer your interpretation; I was going to say that Alanqa had a broken wing! :) (Smile) :happybounce: 
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Well I noticed you have another picture with almost identically posed Alanqa but with Spinosaurus much farther in the background, which gave me idea dinosaur has instantly teleported to its prey. :lol: BtW your pterosaurs are awesome, keep up the good work.:)
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what's going on with those legs?
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They're so long yet the rest of the body is anatomically accurate
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These Spinosaurs pre-date the latest reconstruction but as a number of palaeontologists are unhappy with the latest reconstruction I thought I would wait until there is better fossil evidence before I change them. To construct a fossil from different animals from different locations and possibly different species is fraught with problems. The hind legs look inadequate to support their weight and the feet are too small to traverse soft mud. Conversely the large forelimbs show no adaptations for either swimming or quadrupedal walking so I remain a bit sceptical. :) (Smile) 

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Right now it kind of looks like this Spinosaurus aegyptacus 8/21/16 by Paleop
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Good drawing! :happybounce:  

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You did a REALLY Accurate And Good Work Here ! Congratulations ! :D

Seriously I can't understand how they can possiblity ever think Spinosaurus is a Qued. ? Theropods can't even Pronate their hands Onto Ground ! 
And Finding a smaller specimen's bone's and  '' Assume '' the Correct leg size's Will result by İnaccurate Chimera's !  Rage 

Spinosauroid Species have a Very Large Scale diet; They are the first Dinosaur/Avian Species ever eat Giant Shark Sized Fish and other Large Aquatic Diet BUT they will eat Terrestrial Prey too

Pterosaur and İguanadon remains found on a Baryonx is the Best Proof of That  Nod 

Sarcosuchus, Too is a Generalist like Spinosauroids but İs less picky what it cath  :O

Biggest Predators of their time; maybe all times; Just Wow  Wow! 
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Thanks D although I will change the pronated hands when I get a chance. I think you are right, reconstructing a fossil from four different animals can create a Frankenstein’s monster, all the aquatic Spinosaurus lacks is a bolt through its neck! Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you. 

The arms look too big & the legs are clearly inadequate for ether a terrestrial or aquatic lifestyle. Perhaps the Palaeontologist were assuming the legs were becoming vestidual but were are all the other adaptations for an aquatic lifestyle, splayed out limbs, broad paddle like hands & feet, eyes & nostrils moved to the top of its skull & many, many more?  No, I disagree! 

Today the largest Crocodiles can conceal themselves in just 18 inches of water; Spinosaurus had 6 foot high spines on its back so it wasn’t an ambush predator! What was the spines function? They are similar to Deinocheirus but are that also aquatic? The problem facing any Theropod becoming aquatic in shallow water are those great long legs underneath its body that actually point slightly inwards! This is less of a problem on a small Theropod that’s more birdlike so we would expect the first aquatic Theropod to be small, and then evolve into something larger & better adapted but is there any evidence of that?  :| (Blank Stare) 


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I thank you ! :)

I am sure Not All scientists agree with this 'theory' but I think This is actually a False/feigned announcement made only for get money Funds from Donater's :(
National Geographic is (AGAİN) Failed me as showed its is; clearly; NOT a Neutral scientific Foundation but rather a Un-Scientific Commerical Foundation :/

Its Arms Looking Like have the size of a Gorilla (King Kong hands is my joke) ! :O   And its legs clearly look like some sort of Chimera; They are TOO much small even use them as Paddle's ! 
Even the İllustrators of Nat. Geo. draw them as Big and they made its real life sized Sculpture As Bipedal ! Even they wouldn't believe such a (Unclear) Discovery  Rage 

Its clearly known the Animal is Amphibious/Semi-Aquatic lifestyle.

That has a life going/switching its Habitat between Land and Water; They make a (False) Documentary about it and showed the Animal as 'Entirely' Aquatic !
I think they gave the FanTrolls what they want....

We see no evidence as the animal's true ancestors go Quedr. ; but we found evidence as they hunt both Aquatic and Terrestrial prey; but Spinosaurus couldn't capable of do nothing with those 'legs' even catching simple fish is become İMPOSSİBLE !  CURSE YOU! 

There aren't any evidence; To be Honest even the 'Unknown Mysterious Giant Underwater Monsters' has way more evidence; At least their voice recorded I think I've fainted. 
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I am sure you’re right; I’m thinking something between a heron and a stork but with much larger prey plus a bit of vulture! :happybounce: 

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Thanks :)

A very good idea for that Animal  Nod 

I kinda see the species like Pelican/Heron/Crocodile but absolutely Not a CrocoDuck as Trolls said :D
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I believe that the most dangerous predator Spinosaurus. Even more dangerous Tyrannosaurus.
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Like a cross between Dimetrodon & Godzilla!:happybounce: 

uh, the pterosaur was a carnivore not a piscivore, the dinosaur was a crocodile-like ambush predator, and the crocodile lived 15 million years before the other two.

so all three animals are wrong.
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The latest research shows that Alanqa was a shellfish eater.

Still no piscivore.
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That’s why I changed it but neither was it a carnivore so it looks like we were both wrong!  Palaeontology is a dynamic science constantly changing with each new find or research. The great thing about deviantART & Photoshop is our work & captions can be quickly modified in response to this.  

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