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Polacanthus Hypsilophodon Baryonyx Istiodactylus

By paleopeter
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Updated 07 01 2020
Species: P. foxii, P. rudgwickensis. Meaning of name: Many spikes.
Southern England, Barremian stage of the early Cretaceous.
Classification: Thyreophora, Ankylosauria, Polacanthidae.
Length: 4m.
Lifestyle: browser.
Background is a photo of Lake Mont Bell near Carcassonne South of France.

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pterasurs didnt jump out of the water!111!!111 Also, mosasur didn't have red hair!1111!!1!!1!1!!
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They poll vaulted then swung their arms forwards to generate extra lift & to get them near the centre point of gravity; the animal with a feather crest is Baryonyx.

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T-Rex rulez!!!!!1!1!!!
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Thanks R, I thought I would update Polacanthus plus some of its fauna :happybounce: