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Name: Peteinosaurus.
Meaning of name: Winged lizard.
Species: P zambelli.
Classification: Pterosauria, Rhamphorhynchoidea, Dimorphodontidae? ‬
Time period: Norian stage of the Late Triassic.
Distribution: Northern Italy.
Wingspan: 60cm.
Lifestyle: Insectivore.

Considered the most basal known pterosaur plus it has the shortest wingspan to length ratio of any pterosaur.

Updated 23 07 2018.
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I miss the hat!
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There's more to life than Teletubbies (apparently) :) (Smile) :happybounce: 
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I love this! very nice I love the hat too!
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Thanks A :) (Smile) :happybounce: 
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Why does the pterosaur have a Teletubbies hat?
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He’s celebrating New Year’s Eve! (He’s a party animal) I will remove it after :) (Smile) :happybounce: Boing! Boing! 
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The party hats are rarely preserved due to specific conditions needed for their fossilization. There is however a possibility that all the pterosaurs wore them. xD
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Or at least had plant materials to make them if they were like Jim Henson's Dinosaurs or Dinosaur Train.
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That could explain the evolution of a crest in later pterosaurs :) (Smile) Nod 
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