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Jurassic crossroads



The pecking order from left to right, Archaeopteryx, Rhamphorhynchus, Ctenochasma.

Archaeopteryx: Species: A. lithographica, A. recurva, A. bavarica. Meaning of name: Ancient wing.
Southern Germany, Late Jurassic.
Classification: Avis, Archaeopterygidae.
Length: 45cm.
Lifestyle: insectivore.

Rhamphorhynchus: Species: R intermedius, R gemmingi, R jessoni, R longicaudus, R longiceps, R muensteri, R tendagurensis. Meaning of name: Beak snout.
Southern Germany, Late Jurassic.
Classification: Pterosauria, Rhamphorhynchoidea.
Wingspan: 1.75m.
Lifestyle: Piscivore.

Ctenochasma: Species: C taqueti, C. elegans. Meaning of name: Comb mouth.
Germany & France, Late Jurassic. Classification: Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea. Wingspan: 1.2m. Lifestyle: Filter feeder.
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The wing membranes of pterodactylus should attach at the legs, where the feet are beginning so he shouldn't be able to stand bipedal in THIS fashion. But still awesome! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!