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Barosaurus being pestered by Pterosaurs.



Updated 11 06 2021 (now based on Scott Hartman’s skeletal) I don’t know if its neck & tail were this flexible but it did once fit inside an egg!
I have added a forest of Cycadeoidea plus assorted cycads & ferns; the background fauna include the dinosaurs Stegosaurus, Camptosaurus & Brachiosaurus & the pterosaurs Mesadactylus & Harpactognathus.

Name: Barosaurus.
Meaning of name: Slow heavy lizard.  
Species: B. lentus, B. africanus.  
Classification: Sauropoda, Diplodocidae.  
Time: Kimmeridgian to Tithonian stages of the late Jurassic.  
Distribution: South Dakota & Utah, USA; & Mtwara, Tanzania,  
Length: 27m.
Lifestyle: browser.

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Reminds me of an elephant and ox-pecker birds.