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Thank you all for your always rewarding and nice comments,
as well the critiques. 

To me, these are vivid fire and motivation to do more and better.

Thank you! 
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Fabio Pastori has long believed that the most effective communication strategies are visual.
When he worked in advertising as a young man, his designs and illustrations were so powerful that PR campaigns functioned even in the absence of an equally effective text.
When Pastori began to apply himself to drawing the Dinosauria in the ‘80s, his striking stylistic personality made itself felt in his audacious perspectives,
extreme three-dimensionality and, in particular, in his daring use of bright, vivid colors. In those days, no one was illustrating dinosaurs the way Pastori did.
In making his creatures both colorful and dynamic, Pastori seemed to endow them with a soul. More than that, his illustrations were ahead of their time: Today, however,
in perspectives continually transformed by new scientific findings, the world is coming to see dinosaurs just as he always has.
Distinctive in his sense of aesthetic beauty, Pastori is among the most accomplished of modern paleoartists.

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- Dinosaurs Illustrator (Paleoartist) - Concept Designer - Illustrator and Painter - Teacher - Costume Designer

Fabio Pastori has always considered “visual” as the most effective communicating art.

In his early years, working in the advertising field, his illustrations were so impacting that his campaigns worked even with not-so-good head-lines.

In the 1980’s, he began working in Dinosauria and his style kept its strong character, as evident in hazardous prospectives, in extreme three-dimensionality and especially in the courageous use of strong and vivid colors.

At that time, no one had ever illustrated dinosaurs as he did – not only his paintings seemed to have a soul, but, anticipating the times, these were extremely colorful and dynamic, just like the scientific field is learning to consider them nowadays – with a modern insight, furtherly revolutionized by up-to-date studies.

Keeping his strong taste for aesthetic, Fabio today is among the best known paleoartists, yet not just popular.
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- Dinosauria Artist - by PaleoPastori, journal

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