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Unenlagia comahuensis

Unenlagia comahuensis

"Angel & Demon"


acrylic with marten brushes  
size: 22 x 32 cm ( 8.8 x 12.8 inches )

First Pice at CIID Portugal 2009
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Atlantis536's avatar
So it's the same name as Abelisaurus?
tcr11050's avatar
You have this illustration in the Dinosaurs: Grand Tour book.
nekonotaishou's avatar
It's so beautiful!!!
Gonzalezaurus's avatar
Felicitaciones , excelente trabajo!!
verybluebird's avatar
Another great work; it reminds me of Archaeopteryx, with the three claws on its wing. Lovely feather work too!
pilsator's avatar
Beautiful. Very egret-ish.
TheFaintSmile's avatar
I love the white feathers!
Arduena's avatar
Amazing. I adore this
Lothlori-Diggums's avatar
So beautiful, it brings the best digital art to shame! And that's a good thing (especially if you're like me and think that people should learn with traditional mediums first, computer last)!
ADigitalArtist's avatar
This is one of my favorite artists on DA and I have loved following his art. But.
There's plenty of spectacular digital artists on here, and it does them a great injustice to presume that all digital is inferior.

Digital art requires no less skill, practice and patience. And there's whole areas of art that simply could not be done by traditional, like 3d animation which has brought dinosaurs to life to millions. Don't belittle their work saying that they could never live up to traditional standards. A tool is a tool, be it pigment and hog hair brushes, watercolor on vellum or a tablet on a computer.
Lothlori-Diggums's avatar
Yes, you're right. The comment was just a comment on his skill, it wasn't meant to be derogatory towards anyone else. And I do enjoy digital mediums, and I am aware that's it's a pain to learn everything. You can categorize me as a purist if you wish. I just prefer digital art that looks real or is experimental. I could say a million more things, but I'll keep it short: you do see A LOT of bad digital art everywhere today (and I'm not saying that I'm better than those artists, but I have come to expect more) and it doesn't do the great artists any justice. Each to his own.

(3d? I haven't been living under a rock, everyone's seen Avatar!)
ADigitalArtist's avatar
Sorry if it came off as a little inflammatory. You wouldn't believe how many times digital artists such as myself get the 'Your art isn't real art' from traditional artists.
Lothlori-Diggums's avatar
That's okay. We all need a wake up call. Fine artists do that to graphic designers too, apparently. So we're all idiots, I guess?
babbletrish's avatar
Love the detail!
SanSlugdog's avatar
Wonderfull, absolutly stunning!
HKSherra's avatar
Wow. Absolutely stunning!
RinSakura-chan's avatar
I don't think I can add anything to what others have already said, but this is fabulous. Excellent work!
Hareguizer's avatar
Stunning and beautiful! The world needs more paleoart like this. :)
weida34's avatar
Rita-Ria's avatar
This looks so fantastic
Samosaur's avatar
This is completely awesome!

Completely drew me in!
Anniina85's avatar
woah, now ain't this impressive or what! very beautifully detailed work <3 you got me jealous :D
Pakaranisaurido's avatar
It´s great! I love how you made the eye, it´s awesome. The feathers are awesome too, they look very real.
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