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"Quarry 5" Fauna

bloodypencil sketch

under scientific supervision by

Matthew T. Mossbrucker
Director and Chief Curator
Morrison Natural History Museum
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You have this illustration in the Dinosaurs: Grand Tour book.
jjjiraffe's avatar
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
Where did the fuzz come from?
HANxOPX's avatar
how big is this guy?
EmperorDinobot's avatar
Damn dinosaurs looking more mammalian every day.
GeotrixQueen's avatar
They reclassified Othnelia?
Vrahno's avatar
Most of it. Meaning so many "Othnielia" remains had been moved to this Othnielosaurus, that Othnielia was rendered almost nonexistent.

Or something like that.
GeotrixQueen's avatar
I feel old; I'm used to the Dougal Dixon books where all it said was Othnelia Rex.
Vrahno's avatar
I know the feeling. It seems almost every time I look up prehistoric stuff on the net or in books, I always find some new discovery or theory (renaming, reclassification, overhauled anatomy, etc.) that turns my beliefs upside down.

It's like if I draw some dinosaur one day, it would already be an outdated restoration by the following week. And it would also have a different name by then and belong to a different group.
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Yup. Like how T-Rex females has less bones in the tail to help guide the eggs safely, or some thing like that.

I still think it was kinky that Sue was found to be a girl by the fused base vertabrae of her tail; the solid bone would have supported the extra tonnage during.....certain times of the year.
Vrahno's avatar
Figuring out which gender is which tends to leave you with a kinky side-feeling, usually.
GeotrixQueen's avatar
Ex. T-Rex fossilized blood samples.

It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
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