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Bring on the thunder

Brontosaurus is a very popular dinosaur. I can see why.
(it's so fat.... it's... Glorious!!!)
this is the largest of the brontosaurus genus

Disclaimer: I do not take credit for the skeletal references used as bases for the silhouettes I make. N
or do I claim them as my own.
Louisae is based off of the wondrous :iconscotthartman:'s Apatosaurus Louisae skeletal

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Beautiful. What a magnificent animal. <3
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not according to a new paper ; )
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First off, not everyone agrees with the Apato/Bronto split not to mention all the different species placements within the two genus's. If any species should be labeled "Brontosaurus" It should be the (.excelsus) species not the (.louisae) for louisae's placement within the apatosaurinae family tree is still very controversial. Heck, many people are still debating if Erobrontosaurus should be it's own genus. If you ask me you should have been more responsible and either used the (.excelsus) species or if you insist on using the (.louisae) species you should have used both names similar to what you did with Edmontosaurus. I'm not saying this to be mean I just want to avoid any misinformation about this subject to be spread.
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In my personal opinion Giraffatitan and Brachiosaurus are the same animal. Therefore any scientific work saying otherwise is false.
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Strawman, I never said that I personally did not agree with it I said a lot of other people in the scientific community did not agree with it. Also, the comparison of my argument with (.Louisae) being Apatosaurus with Giraffatitan and Brachiosaurus being the same genus is flawed because (Ajax) and (Louisae) lived at the same time on the same continent and possibly in the same regions, while Brachiosaurus and Giraffatitan were separated on completely different continents for at least 10 million years. So yeah, your argument is pretty bad.... Also, P.S I didn't realize I was talking to you...  
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Strawman. You are implying I meant that sarcastically.
Tello640's avatar I was not.
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In that case your reply makes little to no sense.
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First off, It's my chart, so it's obviously going to reflect my opinions on a given topic. I personally agree with the Lump, and anyone who disagrees has the right to.  Keep in mind that B. louisae looks like a slightly larger B. excelsus while A. ajax looks quite a bit different from both due to several differences in body shape. 

Second, This is a louisae irregardless of which genre you lump it into. To call it an excelsus would be dishonest. 

"I just want to avoid any misinformation about this subject to be spread."
A comment on a artwork far past it's zenith in popularity will do jack-all to stop this from having spread.
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Well, that's why I said if you should insisted on drawing (louisae) you should have used both names. Also, that does not seem very comforting you are okay with spreading misinformation like this....
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You are assuming its misinformation. Perhaps the other way is misinformation.
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The key word there is "Pehaps"...
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Still doesn't make your position on the argument any more valid than mine ;) 
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I shall give all of the sauropods names. this one shall be called....... The Extra beefy spiky boy
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You've come a long way since then along came a giant by Paleop
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Damn, Apatosaurus keeps getting smaller everyday...
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Lol, who cares, now it has a hammer-neck and a supersonic tail XD
Also. A.ajax super-adults.
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Again: I really like the red neck. Also nice placement of osteoderms/spikes :)
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thank you :) 
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I like the red neck.
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I had a hard time with the color scheme
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