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The Asian Straight Tusked Elephant


Behold Palaeoloxodon namadicus, the Asian Straight Tusked Elephant. Not only the largest Proboscideans but also the largest terrestrial mammal of all time, narrowly beating the previous record holder Paraceratherium transouralicum, the Giant Hornless Rhino. The most accurate reconstructions of this elephant place its femur length at around 160 cm in total length which yields an estimated should height of between 4.8 and 5.2 meters possible higher. This gives an estimated total weight of 22,000 kg, more than three times as heavy as the modern African Bush Elephant, the largest land mammal alive today. P. namadicus lived up until around 24,000 years ago in what is now Japan through to India so it most likely did encounter early Homo sapiens, what a site it must have been. Fun fact, despite living in Asia P. namadicus was actually more closely related to the African Bush Elephant than the Asian Elephant. This drawing is dedicated to my girl Tricia, the oldest Asian Elephant alive today. Having turned 61 she is an amazing animal and I’m proud to have her at my city’s zoo. 

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'what a site it must have been'
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  Коллосальный  зверь !
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  Удивительный  зверь ! Я  вижу его  иначе  , чем  Вы его  изображаете , но всё равно , этот зверь   притягивает ... Я  тоже рисовал его, но увы  не могу показывать ,  сайт " громоздкий "и мне трудно  разобраться , как загружать рисунок .
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Thanks I appreciate it.

Спасибо, я ценю это
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Why you used a P. antiquus skeletal?
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For this reconstruction I combined a P. antiquus And P. recki skeletal with the skull of P. namadicususe as a reference because P. namadicus isn’t know from any good post cranial materiel. 
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Big boi. Good art.
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