The 5 Seals
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The idea of the five seals is an epic questing adventure in which the main character must stop an evil force from throwing the known world into chaos. The fabled 5 Seals are a forgotten legend of the world's creation by the 5 elemental dragons of Fire, Earth, Water, Wind and Lightning. In the past, they coupled together to create the Lesser Drakes, a band of dragons who govern offset combination elements such as Ice or Metal. 

As the story begins, the player will have no knowledge of these legends and the main story's focus for the majority of the time will weigh heavily on more domestic quarrels. You play the main character, a young knight who along with his partner become the two most decorated knights in your Kingdom's Empire. Along this journey you fight insurgence and unholy races in order to expand your kingdom and assimilate near boarders who are goverened by such races as Elves, Dwarves, Centaurs and the like. However on one of your travels, an unusually persistant enemy that you have been fighting is found and you and your partner have no other choice but to engage after sending for reinforments. 

Throughout the battle you and your partner fight until you reach the end in which the leader refuses to fight, a more Ghandi like character in design. He tells you about how your empire is upsetting the balance of the land which you believe you are helping and before anymore can be said your partener slays the man, against your knight's code of conduct which instructs you to capture unarmed assailants. 

Eventually upon questioning your partner's motives, the player is nearly killed by the partner character and is rescured by the same people you were killing. You spend months theer coming to find the sheer harmony in which these people live and are brought before the shaman when ready. Appalled by your country's blind and what you think to be misunderstood reason for expansion, the shaman convinces you to become a mediator for them and inform the King directly many years later. However revenge is on your mind turning you into a dark character.

Once you return, the king and people are surprised to see you but you are captured being thought to be of the race they were attempting to assimilate. You do not convince them that you are who you are as they believe you have died and producing evidense of your knightly stature only provokes them into believing that you are the slayer of the knight they knew. Upon nearly being executed your partner shows up and vouches for you releasing you and you explain your situation in which he promptly seems excited. Brought befoe the king you explain and the king seems to understand, almost too easily, and asks the location of your camp. Upon returning to the camp, the wariros attack including yoru partner who also nearly kills you having revealed your first near death experience wass due to himself and the king ordered it as you were becoming a threat.

Another angle: After the known betrayal of you, perhaps the player is merely consumed by vengeance and trying to slyly find the partner accidentally brings destruction to the tribe you were residing in. This changes you from a vengeful character to a deeply depressed charcter having to live with the fact that you are the reason the village was destroyed and that eventually may break you. On the journey to an unnamed area perhaps the Ghandi character tells you with his final breath that you need to find the elves, the eldest race thgouht to have gone extinct thousands of years ago but are secretly hiding. 

The next adventure is you traveling with this female character that insists on joining you to find the elves and get the first clue to help these people that your kingdom is wronging. This brings you to a valley perpetually enveloped in a thick mist full of countless creatures. You are captured by the elves and your  partner disappears leaving you imprisoned. You attempt to tell them about the impending doom your race is creating but the immortals want no part in the world of man being perfectly content with thier isolated existance save for one of the elves which actually is a prince perhaps? You are eventually rescued by your female friend who has snuck past the guards somehow. During your escape the prince finds you and is conflicted on whether he should bring you in. However the female suddenly speaks in his language surprising you both and reveals that she is a Dryad and believes that you are one of the Chosen.

This convinces the prince to join you but he knows he will be unable to convince his father to help. As you escape, the elven guards discover you have escaped and it is misunderstood that you have kidnapped the prince having narrowly escaped the elves who will now be constantly hunting you out in the Wilds. The prince knows all of the ancient lore of the Forgotten War between the races of old. It tells of a world of harmony with 5 races, the Humans, the Elves, the Dwarves, the Merefolk and the nameless Beast race which embodies Lightning. Perhaps the elves are in another location deep in the wilds and the misty valley is home to another people or wood elves that or even Dryads that are guarding a scroll that tells the location of a mystical item?

Unsure what direction to take here: The Woodland Elves are perhaps very close to fae which can be equipped to grant buffs to the player?
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