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The Isle Skin Ideas #1

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By Paleocolour   |   Watch
Published: April 9, 2016
© 2016 - 2019 Paleocolour
This is not official artwork.

From left to right is: Maiasaura, Suchomimus, and Allosaurus
These are some colour and pattern ideas for skins for The Isle, an early access video game created by The Isle Development Team. You can find out more here:
While the skin artist does not accept skin suggestions, I hope to one day create a few skins for this game when the ability to do so is implemented.

I aimed to create more natural-looking designs with this batch, some more suited for camoflague and others more flashy. Please let me know which designs you like best for each animal and I will take it into account when deciding on final skins to make.

The lineart for these designs was traced over from existing art made by FabrizioDeRossi, Swordlord3d 
and LeviaDraconia. I do not mean any infractions of copyright with these and simply used it to have accurate proportions for when colour was added. Please let me know if you do not want these uploaded.
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artiigliStudent Digital Artist
Hey, I'm Veronica, 
I'm a skin creator for the server Suave Realism.

I was wondering if you'd allow me to turn these into skins for the game with a mod, you'll of course get the credit for the designs 

Don't feel pressured to do let me! I understand if you prefer these to stay all yours

here's an example of a skin I've made…
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PaleocolourProfessional Digital Artist
Hey Veronica,
Sure, I have no problems with you turning any of them into a skin. If you want, I can send you over the fullsize images if you perhaps add me on Discord (Jiggy
Otherwise, no worries. Just throw in some kind of credit and link back to this deviantart page if possible.
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Shark-does-artHobbyist General Artist
top three deisgns for the allos looks great!
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It strikes me that a lot of the skin coloration and patterns on the dinos don't really make much sense.

Especially referring to the Blue, Yellow and Red skin tones.
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SarspaxProfessional Artist
Lovely color/pattern iterations!
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SpinosKingHobbyist Traditional Artist
The colours are awesome! From where do you get your ideas lol
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KelleyBeeHobbyist General Artist
Those Sucho skins are beautiful, plz add them XD
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These are all lovely designs, very creative ideas. May I ask a few requests, if you are interested? So here are my requests:

For the Maiasaura, I want to see a certain skin that brings out the idea of the mother dinosaur.
For the Suchomimus, I want to see a design the brings out the deadly crocodile, maybe with a hint of sea foam green almost like one of the skins you have already provided.
Finally, for Allosaurus maybe something like a deadly blur idea, that would create tension to others because of how fast it runs.
Maybe look onto the Dinosaur King franchise for inspiration.
So can you give me a reply if you are interested. Thank you and have a nice day.
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sharkb1teHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd really love to see a skin of the first, second or forth allo some day. Beautiful.
Paleocolour's avatar
PaleocolourProfessional Digital Artist
Actually, the first Allosaurus skin can be found here!…
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sharkb1teHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I didn't recognize it! That looks amazing. C:
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wolf-life-shinkHobbyist Digital Artist
I honestly love all of these about equally I'd love to see you make some skins of your own some time as well!
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John-AMHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful work! All really natural looking. I like all of them. But if I have to choose I'd say: Fourth one down for the maiasaur, yellow with dark spine; second one for suchomimus, dark green stripes with yellow belly; and second allosaurus, striking brown with tan.
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GreekRandomnessHobbyist Artist
Would it be alright if I used some of these color patterns for some of my dinosaurs if I give you full credit?
Paleocolour's avatar
PaleocolourProfessional Digital Artist
Hello GreekRandomness, thank you for asking for permission.

Yes, I'm ok with you using these colour patterns for your own dinosaurs. However, please remember that there is a possibility that some of these will be made into publicly used skins. Please give credit to me and link back to this deviation in the description of the image you upload.

Thank you.
GreekRandomness's avatar
GreekRandomnessHobbyist Artist
Awesome! I'll be sure to do that!
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LyzeofKielHobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing skin ideas, amigo! All of these are amazing, but if I had to pick favorites, my favorites from each would be the top Maia, the bottom Sucho and the middle Allo. Great work on all of them, though! :D

"Well, what did you expect? Some Tyto owl with gleaming armor, and battle claws, the moon rising behind him?"

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AdyRawrProfessional Digital Artist
These are lovely and are totally an inspiration to me for further dinosaur art I may do. Keep up the lovely work! ♥
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ThatofaRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I had the lineart so I could have fun and try to think up some of my own skin ideas. I wish Levia took suggestions, some of these are really stunning!
Paleocolour's avatar
PaleocolourProfessional Digital ArtistFeatured
Hello ThatofaRose,

I've created some PSD templates for you to colour. I've included the lineart, base, and shading in each one. You'll need Photoshop or PaintTool SAI to work with this file type.

Feel free to mess around with colour ideas. If you do decide to upload any designs you have please give credit to FabrizioDeRossi, Swordlord3d and LeviaDraconia. I would also perhaps ask for credit in making the lineart and shading, but it's not mandatory.

Here is the download link:
ThatofaRose's avatar
ThatofaRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy moly, thank you so much! I don't plan on posting anything I color in, but that's really amazing. Keep up the good work, paleocolour. 
Paleocolour's avatar
PaleocolourProfessional Digital Artist
Well, hey, if you ever do end up colouring these in I would love to perhaps take a look at them through a private message. I'm a sucker for nicely coloured dinosaurs. ;)
ThatofaRose's avatar
ThatofaRoseHobbyist Digital Artist It's not much, but this is what I've done so far. 
Paleocolour's avatar
PaleocolourProfessional Digital Artist
These are all beautiful skin concepts! I especially like the comparison of the Suchomimus to a koi. I love the colours and concept of your Maiasaura too. Because it is somewhat similar to the current in-game brown Maiasaura skin, I think it would work well for a herd of them. Currently I feel like a lot of herds of the same species look silly with completely different colour skins even when they are the same species during the same time period. Of course, this is a fantasy game, but different patterns and textures with the same colours would look great for a herd of animals.

Very cool stuff!
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