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Species: Qianzhousaurus sinensis
Codename: Rainbow Dragon
Danger Level: EXTREME
Fatalities: 1
Description: Qianzhousaurus is a colorful and dangerous predator. It was bred directly after the 1993 incident. When qianzhousaurus was first bred, Ingen scientists had no idea what animal they were working with, seeing as that qianzhousaurus fossils were not discovered until 2014. For this reason they are known simply by their codename Rainbow Dragon. They received this codename due to its bright coloration and ferocious behavior. Males are brighter in coloration and also have a small "mane" of tan feathers behind their heads. They are a small relative of T. rex, but pack just as much attitude. They are quick and snappy dinosaurs with long, powerful jaws full of sharp teeth. One unlucky keeper had his arm ripped off by a qianzhousaurus and later bled to death. Initially 3 qianzhousaurus were cloned, but they proved to breed well in the wild and there is now a rather small but healthy population on Isla Sorna.  It was discovered that unlike their larger cousin tyrannosaurus, qianzhousaurus is not a great parent. The male leaves the female shortly after mating, and she only raises the babies for 2-3 years before leaving them to fend for themselves. Qianzhousaurus are solitary dinosaurs and are largely scavengers, only hunting young or sickly herbivores when pickings are short. They are aggressive towards each other and have even shown signs of cannibalistic behavior. They live in the swampy regions of Isla Sorna.

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