Mountain of the Gods- Introduction

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May 28, 2024
Mountain of the Gods- Introduction by PaleoBeastEnt
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The Ainrann Chronicles
Mountin of the Gods

“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”

Alexander the Great

“Prometheus stole fire from the gods. We are each the heirs of that divine spark. Used wisely, the spark fuels one’s journey and lights the way. Treated carelessly, the spark consumes its owner and everything in its path.”

Thomas Lloyd Qualls


This is not a story for the faint of heart. Our world has never truly evolved past its primal state, no matter how technologically advanced civilization has grown. At least that is what I had always believed until a young couple from two different worlds came together under one single belief: Survival was not the only thing worth living for.

I am Empress, and I was there all those centuries ago. I am sure you have heard about this story before: The fall of human civilization and its rebirth, their eventual return to a lost world, and my reawakening. I wish I could tell you that our heroes had a great destiny, but this is not that kind of story. This is not a legend nor a fairy tale. This is the real world. But what is the world we live in?

My kingdom is Ainrann. The continent Trithanas is my castle. The volcano I from where I was born is my throne. In my youth, my kind ruled the skies, the land, and the sea. We were the ramaalik, the most advanced race among the kaiju, and we had but one law that sealed Ainrann's fate, and that was death. During the decline of our race, only five adolescents remained, including myself. A few of them wanted power over the others, and all I could do was fight for survival until my fallen brothers and sisters fell victim to their own lack of experience. As the last of the ramaalik race, I could be threatened by no other. At first, there were times when I wished that there were still others like me, but with the beginning of a new dynasty, I had to give my life a new purpose.

I declared myself Empress.

This world has seen countless races come and go over the centuries, but the only ones that shared Trithanas with me were the humans, whose culture and organized societies surpassed even my own kind, and the arkians, named after Ainrann’s name in the old language, Arkos. They were renowned for their success in survival and living in peace in a dangerous world.

Other continents resided in Ainrann, but they were of little concern to me as they were barren wastelands in comparison. They were the continents that merely served as large gathering places for the ramaalik. That is until, in my rage, I destroyed all the cities that the humans called home and drove them from Trithanas. Now they dwell in what remains of former ramaalik territory.

This was the Reign of Fire.

Yes, they speak the truth. I hated humans. And yes, I hate all who challenge me. But the last person to challenge me had not done so for the reasons I had presumed. I spared his life, but I had left him a warning.

“You have my permission to stay here with your friends. But know this-- No other human will ever be given this opportunity. If they do not stay in their new home, then I will finish what I began. For the sake of Ainrann, you better hope that I don't regret this decision.”

Book 3 of The Ainrann Chronicles

Robin Steele, along with his arkian friends and girlfriend Briar Lynch, have made a new life together. But the peace is interrupted when they stumble upon a group of human settlers who struggle to stay alive in the aftermath of a destructive war. As friendship clashes with racial differences, Robin's own people and the arkians he calls family are now forced to make an uneasy alliance when they both end up sharing a common enemy.

Paperback and kindle editions available on Amazon:


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