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Megalosaurus Enclosure

I got a special treat for you guys today: conceptual art for a Victorian Megalosaurus enclosure for my upcoming Dinosaur comic, "The Paleo Society".

This is a short comic about a Paleozoologist from Victorian Era England who takes his little sister with him to work to show her the different kinds of dinosaurs that he works with. I'm currently working on the landscape designs for the dinosaur enclosures of the Royal Paleozoological Society (the main setting of the story), and I'm hoping to finish up all conceptual art by the beginning of next week so I can get started on the actual comic.

I will be sharing more artwork soon.
Until then,
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Given the steampunk prothesis, I guess this fellow was probably either captured after losing a front leg in a fight or may have been saved from proachers.

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You were right on the first guess, he was rescued by the Paleozoologist, William Buckland after he lost his front leg in a fight with a larger Megalosaurus.

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Awesome picture!