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Here's what I'm all about. -Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs, and everything else prehistoric. I'm also getting into prehistoric warriors. I've been an artist and Paleontologist all my life, way back from a young age. From the time I could stand, I lived and breathed everything prehistoric. I was fascinated by Dinosaurs and other prehistoric things since I was just two years old, and I owe it all to my dear old Grandpy, who got me a full box set of Dinosaur models, the only thing I have to remember him by. I first started drawing when I was around four. I would spend hours drawing pictures of Sauropods fight Tyrannosaurs and putting them into taped-taped together books. Drawing Dinosaurs has been my passion throughout my entire life, but I didn't realize it until recently. Now Paleoart is gonna be my career, and I'm not just gonna be drawing everyday Dinosaurs, I'm gonna make things no one could ever imagine.

Favourite Visual Artist
Frank Frazetta, Glen Keane
Favourite Movies
How to train your Dragon, Jurassic Park/World, Avatar, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Predator franchise, The Shape of Water, Pacific Rim
Favourite TV Shows
Primeval, Samurai Jack, Primal, Dreamworks' Dragons, Terra Nova
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dragonforce, Michael Bolton, Elton John, Queen
Favourite Books
Thea Stilton, The Land that time Forgot, Tarzan of the Apes, Jurassic Park
Favourite Writers
H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs
Favourite Games
Far Cry Primal, Evolve
Favourite Gaming Platform
XBox one
Tools of the Trade
XP Pen Tablet
Other Interests
Dinosaurs, animals, reptiles, sci-fi, fantasy, drawing, comics
I think it's time to share with you all the other side of me. Not only do I love Dinosaurs, but I am huge into Mythology - mainly the sagas of great heroes like Beowulf and Hercules. When I was around five, I was nuts about He-Man, and other stories of knights with great swords, and just like any other child, I dreamed of being the heroes I loved. When I went into my teen years, I was enthralled by the hit movies of 2010 - How to Train your Dragon and Clash of the Titans. It expanded my horizons to a whole new world of fantastic creatures (other than Dinosaurs) and great adventures of heroic warriors. What got me interested in mythology was the creatures that these heroes battled - Dragons and Titans - because in a unique way, they reminded me of Dinosaurs. These great, ancient creatures ruled the Earth at the dawn of time, and in a sense, they are prehistoric in their own way. When I began playing Skyrim, I was drew into the story of the hero I was playing as, and as time went on,
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Hey everybody, Hope you're all doing great. I'm writing this entry to inform you all that I am considering coming back to Deviantart - with my Dinosauroid character, Roxie, as my main focus. I will be no longer doing art of Shira the Amazon as I am currently developing ideas for a novelization of the character, which will later lead to an all-new Dinosaur franchise, so I am super excited for that (but Shira will be depicted in a different way than you could ever imagine). As for Roxie, I will be posting new artwork of her on Deviantart once every week from now on, including wallpapers, posters, and pinups. I will also be open for doing commissions of her and any other Dinosauroid characters of your own ideas. I will be posting information for commissions sometime in the near future - along with one more new picture of Shira the Amazon. I hope you guys are all excited to see me again, Until then, Have a Happy Halloween!
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To all of my watchers on Deviantart, I am posting this message to inform you that I am now officially leaving Deviantart to do art for Patreon. My product will be of my Dinosauroid character, Roxie, as well as designing Dinosaurs and other Paleoart. I may still post a few pictures on Deviantart from time to time, but it will no longer be my main focus. For all of my fans, you can still follow me and view my work via Twitter: or Instagram: I hope to see some familiar faces on either of these platforms and I will also be open for commissions. -Best regards, Benjamin Michael Tanner
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Which province do you live in?

By the way, have you ever heard of a movie called Voyage To The Planet of Prehistoric Women? Its a 1960s Russian syfy movie about a team of cosmonauts on an expedition to the planet Venus, hoping to find life there. When they land, they not only find that Venus does support life, but that its prehistoric life, specifically dinosaurs and pterosaurs. They also find evidence of a civilization of people who live on Venus, and there's even a coven of Venusian women who worship a pterosaur as a god. They call this pterosaur Ptera. The Venusian women also seem to have telepathic powers of some kind. I don't know if you seen or heard of this movie, but I thought you might be interested.

amazing work love the Victorian dinosaurs

Hey Paleo, I just checked on your portrait of Sisu and it says you haven't seen the movie yet. You know it's on Disney+ and you need premier access to watch the movie, but I know something else you can watch it on. There's a link called where you can watch every movie as free and the first time I went on there, there were no ads to bother but recently that site has been getting ads and began to get annoyed, but I promise you that Raya and the Last Dragon is on there and hopefully Godzilla vs. Kong will be on there once it is released in the Untied States and Canada on March 31st. That was a hint I thought could help you see Raya and the Last Dragon if you can't get into Disney+ and besides, take care of yourself Paleo, see you later.

Your victorian dinosaurs are amazing!

Hello, you must be PaleoartStudios. I have been watching your work for a while and I gotta say: I'm impressed.