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We are a group focusing on accurate, realistic paleoart. We accept ALL levels of art from beginner to expert. The goal of this group is to teach and inform as well as give dinosaur artists and lovers a place to let their work be seen. This is a non-judgemental, safe place for anyone fascinated by the Mesozoic.

1. Be kind and courteous to others. Do not trash other's artwork. All critiques must be done in kindness and good will. If anyone treats you badly in this group please contact :iconphantomfox777:

2. All art MUST be dinosaur related. Any non-dino art with be deleted and the member will be banned.

3. Nothing pornographic. Keep it PG-13 please.

4. All art, whether anthropomorphic or not, MUST attempt to be accurate. Feathered species MUST have feathers, etc.

5. Any references used in a piece must be linked in the description.

6. All art submitted must be your own original work.

7. Submit to the proper folders.

8. No Jurassic Park raptors will be allowed.

Founded 7 Years ago
Jan 5, 2015


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263 Members
269 Watchers
20,032 Pageviews
Thank you to everyone for helping me grow this group. Thank you for all who are submitting their work! You all are fantastic and your artistic ability is unreal. This is just a little note to tell all the watchers, members, and contributers how much I appreciate what you do for Paleoart-For-All.

I also want to make sure this is a group everyone enjoys. So if there is anything you wish I would change or anything you'd like to do in the future please comment here and let me know. I've been wanting to do a contest but I wouldn't have anything but art to give as prizes. Is that okay? What would you want a contest to be? Again, let me know.

Once again, thanks for being your wonderful, dino-lovin' selves! I hope to see even more growth in this group in the future.
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pauleontology Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for letting me join!
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Raga una domanda. Non so che dinosauro disegnare. Avete consigli? Vi prego aiutatemi. 
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grazie per avermi fatto entrare!!!!!
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hey there, to anyone who is interested in extinct animals, there is currently a kickstarter project about a card deck full of cool extinct critters! check it out here: +fav… +fav 
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Hi! I'm pretty new here :wave: 
Evodolka Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
might help if you made 2 other folders
1 for Marginocephalians (ceratopsians and pachycephalosaurs)
1 for Thyreophorians (stegosaurs and ankylosaurs)
just feel it would help a bunch
Gooloogongia Featured By Owner Edited May 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I think you need to update the description, it says:
 All art MUST be dinosaur related. Any non-dino art with be deleted and the member will be banned. 
what it should say:
 All art MUST be paleontology related. Any non-paleoart with be deleted and the member will be banned. 
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