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Segnosaurus galbinensis

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A heavy-bodied biped as long as the largest modern crocodile, "slow lizard"is often thought of having a small, narrow skull witk a shallow lower jaw, a toothless beak, rather sharp yet prosauropod-like cheek teeth, and fleshy cheek pouches. Segnosaurus had muscular arms, and its three-fingered hands probably, bore huge, curved claws. At first considered as aberant theropod but subsequently designated as Late Cretaceous relict of the "prosauropod-ornithischian transition"(Paul, 1984) or as the sister-group of sauropodomorphs (Barsbold & Maryanska, 1990). Recently, therizinosaurids have been unambiguously shown to be theropods (Russel & Dong, 1993; Clarck et al. 1994) Clearly, the morphology of group is very peculiar.
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