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Miocene Fauna of South America

By PaleoAeolos
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During millions of years South America was a island containing. The South American fauna was different from the one that existed in the rest of the world. Here the birds and the reptiles were giant and the mammals are stranges. These animals lived between 20 and 5 million years ago.

This draws was make for the II Latinoamerican Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology
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Awesome :D

Are you planing to do more like this for other parts of the world and different time periods?
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Good art but Macrauchenia isn't a camel.
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Great image, I absolutely love your reconstruction of Argentavis!
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Some really awesome fauna we have here.
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where's Megapiranha?
PaleoAeolos's avatar
In the water with the other non-included animals
acepredator's avatar
Yet you include Purrusaurus?
PaleoAeolos's avatar
it can walk out of water no?
acepredator's avatar
But it spends 90% of its life underwater.
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Hey,nice work! I love it:-)
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Really cool. Are these in scale?
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LOL I didn't notice that the squares had a metric scale.
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Awesome work on the animals. I especially love the purussaurus.
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I belive the sebecosuichian is a Langstonia huilensis, no?
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thylacosmilus es plantigrado en sus patas traseras...extraño animal...interesante trabajo...
apocalipsis666's avatar
really good drawing
it is good to learn something new
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Sebecosuchia must be a very recent or very discovery because there's no wikipedia article on him yet. But still, with legs like a predatory savanna cat, it's got to be the coolest looking crocodilomorph I've ever seen in my life. It's like a perfect cross between a croc and a jaguar. :D
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Wow these are great! They remind me of this future evolution project I have floating around my head, I wish I could draw them like these so much!
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Orales, muy bueno!!! :lol:

Como le hiciste para hacerlo?
PaleoAeolos's avatar
Muchas gracias.....hise cada dibujo por separado y luego los uni a escala en el Photoshop.... un trabajo largo, pero no tan complicado.
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South America was a fascinating continent back in the day. Not that it still isn't, but it's different now.
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