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Huaxiagnathus orientalis



Last night... while I waited my couple to eat..... I began to draw in a notebook. As it was boring and they took a long time enough, I began to put him more and more line to the drawing. This drawing of Huaxiagnathus came out this way. It had never used this style....

By the way... Huaxiagnathus orientalis is a large compsognathid theropod from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation deposits of Liaoning Province, China.
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muy bueno! pero tengo una pregunta.... este animalejo, ya que fue encontrado en China... posee impresiones de plumas o algun protoplumaje? no es por criticar... se que vos consideras que este tipo de teropodos posiblemente las tuviera. Pero hay algun fosil que haga que definitivamente tenga q ponerle plumas a mis dibujos de compsognatidos?