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Abelisaurus comahuensis

Abelisaurus was a medium-sized theropod know only for a partial skull found in 1985 in Argentina. Its the only member of the subfamily Abelisaurinae (family Abelisauridae).
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Martin!!!!! me encantan tus trabajos a colores!!!! tenes un gran manejo de lo que debe ser sombreado y lo que no..... lamentablemente (si, hay un lamentablemente....) te tengo que hacer un comentario, que posiblemente te duela tanto como a mi (o, por otro lado, tal vez ya lo supieras....). Me entere que aparentemente el craneo de Abelisaurus esta bastante inventado..... o sea, que los nasales son excesivamente largos, y q la cabeza del animal seria muchisimo mas cuadrada, mucho mas parecida a Carnotaurus, Aucasaurus, Majungatholus, etc etc....... es muy triste porque para mi la cabeza del Abeli era espectacular, pero bueno..... vamos a tener que aceptar eso.... igual, no hay ningun trabajo publicado al respecto, asi q hasta que no se hable del tema, uno puede seguir dibujandola asi, alargada y con un aspecto letal y fantastico!!!
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Muchas gracias por los comentarios. La verdad es cierto, la mejor parte del craneo de Abelisaurus es la region posterior y es poco lo que se concerva del rostro y las mandibulas (hasta donde se, las mandibulas son puro invento). Hay que recordar que en la publicacion original, lo comparan mucho con los tyrannosauridos y es posible que recontruyeran el craneo en base a ese patron. Creo que es posible que fuese casi tan ñato como los otros abelisaurios, pero es dificil estar seguros.
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Again your technique with coloured pencil is good as in your Majungatholus piece. The thing I think that would really set these off is if they had a little bit of background colour--not necessarily a scene, which is difficult, but something along the lines of a graduated wash that indicates light direction or something. Of course, that is entirely up to the artiste.
Great work, again. Impressive.
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Thank you again..... some day I will learn how to use the background better.... but for the time being I like the white funds
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And white is a good place to start. It lets you pay attention to technique and form. And eventually you just grow into needing some kind of toned background; at least I did--there are very few of my more recent works that are on white. And then I suppose you work into doing landscapes... but I'm afraid I suck at them; you'll probably do much better than I at that aspect of our work. =)
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Ooo...very cool! Dinosaurs were beautiful animals. I can't help drawing them myself. ^^
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I love dinosaurs and I love your work. I'm adding you as a "watch" or "friend" or whatever deviant calls that.
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Thank you.....its good now that are people that like my work. Thanks again
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