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Varialepis bergi by atrox1 Varialepis bergi :iconatrox1:atrox1 238 20 -Zapdos- by arvalis -Zapdos- :iconarvalis:arvalis 6,874 670 -Yveltal- by arvalis -Yveltal- :iconarvalis:arvalis 8,233 454 Dakotaraptor Growth Cycle by arvalis Dakotaraptor Growth Cycle :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,747 313 Gobivenator by Dinomaniac Gobivenator :icondinomaniac:Dinomaniac 387 19 Clydagnathus by NTamura Clydagnathus :iconntamura:NTamura 81 21 Yamatocetus canaliculatus by NTamura Yamatocetus canaliculatus :iconntamura:NTamura 76 15 Hell Creek Ornithomimid by ChrisMasna Hell Creek Ornithomimid :iconchrismasna:ChrisMasna 559 92 Reef Antlerworm by Abiogenisis Reef Antlerworm :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 1,643 214 The Leviathan of Beaumaris by Gogosardina The Leviathan of Beaumaris :icongogosardina:Gogosardina 329 47 Baleoneptera hubachi by arc-one Baleoneptera hubachi :iconarc-one:arc-one 8 0 Thalassocnus by arc-one Thalassocnus :iconarc-one:arc-one 13 0 Aristonectes quiriquinensis by Christopher252 Aristonectes quiriquinensis :iconchristopher252:Christopher252 102 9 Diceratosaurus. by Plioart Diceratosaurus. :iconplioart:Plioart 155 36 Thalassocnus yaucensis head restoration by RomanYevseyev Thalassocnus yaucensis head restoration :iconromanyevseyev:RomanYevseyev 74 2 Thalassocnus evolution by RomanYevseyev Thalassocnus evolution :iconromanyevseyev:RomanYevseyev 66 7


It's been a long time without update or enter to my Deviantart! Apologies to those who have left comments that I have't answered, I promise to do it from now on and keep my work updated as much as I can. As always, your comments and criticisms are welcome.

A sido un largo tiempo sin actualizar o entrar a mi Deviantart! Disculpas a quienes han dejado comentarios que no he contestado, prometo hacerlo de aqui en adelante y actualizar my trabajo en la medida que pueda. Como siempre, sus comentarios y criticas seran bien recibidas.


Martin Chavez
Artist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Bristol, UK

Favourite style of art: Grafite and Ink

My name is Martin Chavez-Hoffmeister from Chile (South America, beside of Argentina for the ones that haven't ear about my little country), I'm biologist according with my first degree but I'm really a professional palaeontologist.

PaleoAeolos (derived from the Greek roots "Palaeos" = "Old" and Eolo lord of the winds in Greek mythology) is my nickname as a scientific illustrator.

I specialize in the study of fossil birds with emphasis on seabirds and I am currently a PhD student at the University of Bristol, UK, under the supervision of Mike Benton and Daniel Ksepka (from the North Carolina State University). My current research? Explore the evolution and fossil record of penguins! (cool no?). You can read a little bit more about my work in Bristol in my personal site.

Hope you enjoy my work as illustrator!



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