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The Three Musketeers

LOOK AT PRINCE! He looks so tiny next to these 17 HH stallions. He looks like a freakin pony! XD

Anyways, Prince has joined up with these two Nomads. Not only are they his good friends but his partners in crime.
Like literally though. These guys are pure trouble makers.
Since they are all bachelor stallions they can do almost anything they want as long as it's away from the Cave Mustangs. They love pranking on the Ferals and other Nomads cause they really have nothing better to do. And look at their adorable serious faces ahahaha!
As you can see we call these guys The Three Musketeers. We will be doing many rp's between these guys..hopefully cx

TWW | Maximus by Royalitie TWW | Prince Application by PaleMount TWW || ELYAN || NOMAD by CherryHillFarms
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oh amazing Meow :3 oh my feelings Robin Hood Prince of Thieves - HUG 1
PaleMount's avatar
Haha thank you <3
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As I returned what was yours, I saw these three on your page. Your drawings and style are and is brilliant. 
PaleMount's avatar
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You're most welcome! :)
Fargonon's avatar
Oh my goshhhhhhh
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OMG if my submission gets through, I'd LOVE to rp with these guys!

Just note me up

Chumpi-Champi's avatar
Awww, they all look so epic in this! :la:
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Aww thanks you! <3
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I haz questions for yoooouuu!!  How big are your pieces normally?  How did you get so good .0. Tell me your secreeeeets.
PaleMount's avatar
This image was only 911×581. But I normally sketch and draw my more realistic paintings on a 2000x2000 canvas. :D
Forgotten-Kingdom's avatar
How does it stay so clear .0.  Do you use SAI?
Forgotten-Kingdom's avatar
Lucky ;^;  I use PS CS2... it doesn't smooth the lines like SAI does.  And CS2's blur *chucks it across room*
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BAHAHAHA yes Prince looks exactly like my 13.2 pony when he stands between to the big drafts at our facility! :rofl:
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Hahahaha these guys are also calling him shorty now which isn't helping anything. XD
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I love these guys! I can't wait to see more of them!
PaleMount's avatar
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Helllooo sexay boys!
This is perfect.. omg.

Prince you shorty :giggle:. They all look fabulous!
PaleMount's avatar
Hehe thank you <3
biggs2's avatar
I love them all! How did you do the amazing mane on prince?!
PaleMount's avatar
Thank you! And I just drew it haha. :D
Jegmadarka's avatar
Aww poor prince! It's okay bud, the mare I ride everyone calls a pony even though she's the same height as you! :giggle: I love her though and that gorgeous buckskin color of yours :hug: (Aye, she's buckskin too! :giggle)

This looks great Pale! I love how you have them at different heights which show how much bigger they are :love:

I have to ask though because I just love the way you line, just curious but what brush do you use?
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I just use the ink pen in paint tool SAI. :D
And thank you so much <3
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