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PSYDUCK- Blood, Guts version

Ahhh, good old POKEMON: Blood or Guts versions... The answer to Pokemon fans who have transcended their cutesy "All Ages" ratings and moved on to the infamous "M" rating.
This request came from fellow co-worker Suzannah, as she challenged me to make the most harmless and cutesy Pokemon appear threatening. On her list of requests were Psyduck, Jigglypuff, and Magikarp.
It wasn't easy, but once I had a point of reference, it was loads of fun... here, Psyduck's psychic powers and headaches are taken to a lethal level. His formidable psychic powers come at the price of perpetual insanity with a mix of unstable, pulsating brain pressure.

Next will be Jigglypuff, so stay tuned. If anyone has anymore requests, don't hesitate to ask!
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SkyeAmongClouds's avatar
I saw your Blood and Guts Scyther and absolutely loved it but when I saw this...
I can't even explain the level of awesomeness this transcends...

I am sure you have gotten MANY requests and I actually have two for you as well, One is because it's my favorite and the other because it would be a challenge and I am curious as to how you would go about pulling it off.

My requests:
My favorite Pokemon: Ninetails.
My challenge: Ditto.

Yes. Ditto. Make him dangerous. Good Luck. :devilish:
Oh I already have a devious idea for how I'd do Ditto, Ninetails would actually be more of a challenge. Believe it or not, the scary and cool looking Pokemon are the hardest to do because... well... they're already scary or cool looking. Haha but I've added your requests and I'm gonna try and have them done in the order they were asked. Just got Jigglypuff up, next up is Onyx.
Meowth or any of the other cat-types, pleeeze!
theres no such thing as cat-types....
ToxicRazor's avatar
oh my gawd. i think i love you. <3 your blood and guts versions are so intense. i can't wait for more from you. i still love pokemon after all these years, but this just makes it so much cooler ~
FlyingNight's avatar
PLEASE DO UMBREON, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, ITS MY FAVE!!!!! (and if u can, poocheyenna, leafeon and quilava, there OCs of mine XD
Next challenge: Jigglypuff!

Or that really fucked up blue thingy that just stands around and swings from side to side..

Anyways, these are awesome so keep 'em coming 'cause you're on my watch list now!
DarknessAmongFire's avatar
Psyduck's always been creepy, love it
Serpere's avatar
Welcome back c:

And, you're back with quite a piece. I must say that you sure managed to get psychotic madness in there o:
Sure wouldn't like to be around when he unleashed that. Great work!

Can't wait for the next ones c:
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