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GENGAR- Blood, Guts version

Gengar don't know 'bout gingivitis.

Haha, so yea, this is my colored product of Gengar. As I said before, there was a point in my life I used to play Pokemon. If Pokemon looked more like this, they probably would've had me hooked for a longer period of time. To my knowledge, the schemes went like this... there was a Red and Blue version, a Gold and Silver version, a Ruby and Sapphire version, and a Pearl and Diamond version... This Gengar will be featured in the Blood and Guts version.
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J4B's avatar
That looks scary, but in a good way.
Dry-Little-Skittles's avatar
In one of my searches of pok'emon, i've found Scyther with blood dripping on his blade, it waz very impressive to me. nd I agreed with da blood&guts Lol XD
but it's rated pg-13
wouldn't want da toddlers learning anything bad from it now. ;)
hell i still play da game, so far pok'emon black and white is so far d best, wit da whole movement it's crazy sick :)
Your ArT:
-is very horrorfying and it melts my brain, way 2 get da crowd spooked up XD
-detailing is wat I like and u got dat skill down packed, very nice. ^^
Haha thanks man. Yea, a good spooking is usually all you need to grab someone's attention. I'm telling' ya... if Nintendo ever wanted to make gobs of money, I'd say there's a market for these "M rated" Pokemon... I've done some searching around and Im not the only one making horrifying versions of these critters :-P
DietBudah's avatar
Very nice! I agree, if they looked more like this the hype would have lasted longer...
zibbelcoot's avatar
This thing still creeps me out, which means you did an excellent job.
Hahah indeed it does. Hopefully Nintendo catches wind of my "Blood/Guts" version idea and makes their first Mature rated Pokemon game... either that, or they'll just sue me for drawing scary pokemon.

Never knew you had a deviantart, now I can harass you on here too. Mwahahahaa
zibbelcoot's avatar
NOOO! Not the harassment!
yeawhatever's avatar
If you try to capture it, it'll just laugh, eat your Pokeball and drink your blood
I thought Gengars already did that?
yeawhatever's avatar
No, they were like riding pony's and licking lollipops :D
cleopatra4yami's avatar
holy crap, that's like...very real life like...if that made sense. It's cool and scary lol
Serpere's avatar
Loooveeelyyy :3

Gengar was my favourite char.

You've captured him in a more adult version, I'mma check your gallery, hope you do more pokemons, schyter perhaps? ;D
One of my favorites too. Yea, Like I said, I wish they made an "adult Pokemon" version... but I guess that would defeat the whole purpose of what Pokemon is about haha.

Oh, I had WAYYYY too much fun drawing this guy to stop now. Since you mention it, Scyther would be a fun one. Just might do a "Blood and Guts version" of him next...
Serpere's avatar
That would be so great, I can imagine how it'll turn out! I'll watch ya so I'll know when it comes up.
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