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Dark Souls 3: Homecoming

By PaleCaesar
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Dark Sun Gwyndolin & Aldrich Devourer of Gods

Listen carefully, and you can hear it say

Wherever you go, the moon still sets in Irithyll

Wherever you may be, Irithyll is your home

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I'm crying, it's incredible. Now I know how to finish my Aldrich cosplay. Thank you T_T

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Whoa... really? Oh wow. Wow! So nice to provide some kind of assistance. May I ask you what exactly did you lack for that cosplay? And can we see it online later? :sun:
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Так стапэ. Только сейчас поняла, что можно было не распинаться на английском хд А еще то, что когда-то давно даже делала фотокосплей на твой арт. Тогда я еще лишь начинала всем этим заниматься, бывает же...

Img 3508-
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I have about 250 teeth on the skirt as part of Aldrich's body, but didn't know how to make a giant worm ( mean it's appearance), but when I saw this stunning art... this insane mouth... So now I have inspiration and surge of energy to finally finish this fking costume ha ha

I want to add similar mouth (with burgundy black gums as my skirt colours), Aldrich's body like on this art and of course more bones and maggots! I'm so glad that found such a wonderful masterpiece that

touched even such a callous person like me c;

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Swiggity swooty, Aldrich comin' for dat Darkmoon booty
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That's the spirit! #1 hit. :'D

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You've made a lot of seriously beautiful DS paintings but this is by far my favorite.
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Ah, I thankst thee. Hope I'll do something to impress you even more. :heart:

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*тихо крадет на рабочий стол, пока никто не видит*
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Poor Gwyndolin. :<
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What a sad story, yeah :/ 
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Приятного аппетита!)
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Точно так и назывался рабочий файл
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That's like, woah!



That mouth of Aldrich...!
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My gratitude here, thank you so much :heart:
Yeah, impressive one... think he is proud of himself haha
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You rarely get art of the moment where Aldrich actually eats Gwyndolin, so this was a pleasant surprise. 
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Thank you very much!
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