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By Palas-Atenea
This is Eskarina, a female mage ( the only female mage) inspired from Terry´s Pratchett "Discworld" saga.
I Draw it in a paper, later i painted it in photoshop. :)
hope u like it
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I liked her as a character, I just wish he had given her another book. A cameo in a Tiffany Aching book is nice, but she had such potential.
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zzZaaaaaaaarpada la brujita!
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wow i lived this pic as i loved the book ,eskarina isn't the kind of character you see in any idiot fake istorie,her determination and delicacy really make her single
hunlin's avatar
I'm reading Equal Rites at the moment. Esk is really cute. Also she is very determined to become a wizard and that's what's good about her.
azrael182's avatar
in this moment im reading that book ^^
i love esk xD
is great!
Palas-Atenea's avatar
Si es muy lindo ese libro:) Lastima que solo consegui hasta el 6 :( Quisiera tenerlos todos
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I loved Esk, it's too bad she appeared only in Equal Rites. I really hoped to see her later, but no. Damn.

Glad to see a nice fanart of her :) good job!
Palas-Atenea's avatar
Thanks !! Yes, it´s really a shame :( She´s a great character
PoorLittleGirl's avatar
tiene una cara de psicópata deliciosa =D
me encantaaa
Testudon's avatar
beautiful! I really like the froga and the lensflare! keep on painting!
terriblemar's avatar
wow, esta super este dibujo! que lindo, que prolijidad ^__^
Palas-Atenea's avatar
lwl's avatar
Muy bueno... :+fav:
littlegreengoblin's avatar
love the frog thing lmao
Evil-Urd's avatar
esa rana se ve de lo mas chingona:!: :!: :!: excelente coloreado :thumbsup:
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