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Lunch Break - 7 years later

Harry, Ron and Hermione eating lunch together in the Ministry, where they all work seven years after book seven. I like to think that they meet up in their breaks, just like they always did at Hogwarts. Hermione's pregnant with Rose here :)

July 07

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AliciaMarieL's avatar
omg but the pictures of Teddy/from Teddy 
bookworm61's avatar
thank you for putting them in robes! I get kinda fed up with wizards wearing normal clothes :)
palantiriel's avatar
Haha, I feel the same, I always think of Archie liking a healthy breeze around his privates :P
bookworm61's avatar
exactly my point
shadowwolf93's avatar
Okay, that's awesome. I love seeing all the crazy details. Is that Harry's old Horntail dragon flying around?
palantiriel's avatar
Haha, yep, it is! I always wonder whay Harry does with all the awesome things he's picked up over the years :D
ladysugarquill's avatar
I love their robes!
palantiriel's avatar
That's so cool.

By the way, is there a reason why there is a map of Wales? It's a very good map, it seem to show all the magical places in Wales and the Marches.
palantiriel's avatar
Thanks for noticing! I just really like Wales, I guess you do, too :D
GryffindorGurl's avatar
Wand Safety: Don't lose a buttocks!! I lol'd :D
BeTheMockingjay23's avatar
Aw, so cute! It brings back memories of old Hogwarts days... :)
Um...where's ginny?
heidinanookie's avatar
What a lovely idea!
Gryffgirl's avatar
I love it! The colors and all of the little details are perfect! I lol'ed at the scraps on their bulletin boards! :D
Chashirskiy's avatar
This is adorable. :aww:
HolyCowWorshipper's avatar
OMGGOOOOD! Those details!! Amazing! Is that the Hungarian whatever-it's-called-in-english miniature that Harry got during the first task!? That's so amazing!! And it's a box from the Twins store (;_;)! And the Chuddle Cannons win!! :lol: I love this!!
palantiriel's avatar
Thank you! I'm so glad you noticed the Hungarian Horntail! I always wondered what Harry did with it, maybe it escaped, and there's a tiny model dragon flying around somewhere :D
HolyCowWorshipper's avatar
You are welcome!
Now you got me wondering!!
rlkitterman's avatar
I love seeing this side of the Trio--having fun in the future! I wonder what Hermione's office look like.
palantiriel's avatar
I bet it's impossibly neat, full of books and files, and had photos of Ron everywhere :D
Sorbetsurprise's avatar
I looooove it! Especially the family photos and Wand Safety poster!!!!
qwertybubbles's avatar
great job, i love the detail in the background! gave me more to look at!
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