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Malawisaurus life drawing



Another long time in coming, finally got around to a life reconstruction of Malawisauruus based on my own skeletal. This species was (in my opinion) unjustly left out of G.S. Paul's dino field guide.

From the early Cretaceous of Malawi, Malawisaurus was about 2.5 tonnes in weight and was about 11 meters long, so relatively small for a sauropod.

I have been really concentrating on scalation patterns recently in my life restorations of dinosaurs. It seems that everyone wants to give dinosaurs smooth skin, instead of the bumpy, scaly, and textured integument it really was.
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Sauropods shared an ancestor with birds so they might have had protofeathers as well as scales... well all true dinosaurs (sauropods, theropods, ceratopsids, stegosaurians) had bird-like physiology. Pterosaurs and therapsids developed fur as far as I know ^^;