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Freaky Euhelopus



So this is Euhelopus with the huge scapula and long forelimb added in (which I omitted previously in my multi-view skeletal). Suffice to say, it looks FREAKY.

This scapula and forelimb are part of 'exemplar c' and were referred to 'exemplar a' by C.C. Young in 1935. I have some qualms about the referral, but it does explain some things, like the retro-verted pelvis and the really long anterior dorsal rib.

If this reconstruction is right, than Euhelopus was the sauropod version of an orangutan. Weird.


Young, C. C. 1935. Dinosaurian remains from Mengyin, Shantung. Bulletin of the Geological Society of China 15: 519–533.
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I'd like to do a flesh restoration from your skeletal. May I have your permission?

I am doing a re-interpretation of Paleo King's Argentinosaurus muscle restoration. First two stages are in now, if you want to see them. Just browse my gallery. I'd be interested in seeing if you think they're any good thus far. Links back to his original are provided.

Done digitally.