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Atlasaurus drawing

Atlasaurus - a weird, brachiosaur-mimic sauropod from the Middle Jurassic in Morocco. I may have used a certain well-known paleoartist's (i.e., Greg Paul) skeletal reconstruction for this effort, to my everlasting shame. Oh well, no one's perfect. And it's not like I'm making any money off of it...
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Mar 14, 2013, 4:37:44 PM
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Nice work, but is that pterosaur hopping to get off the ground? Sounds plausible.
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Very, very creative pattern. I like it a lot! And the quad-launching ornithocheirid too.
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Thank you! I like doing different patterns, it's fun. And I'm glad you noticed the quad-launching ornithceirid, too; it's been a while since I've done pterosaurs, so I thought I'd bring in some of the new science. :)
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Were there ornithocheirids in the Middle Jurassic?
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Archaeoistiodactylus is a possible ornithocheiroid from the Middle Jurassic of China (although a more recent review suggests it is actually a poorly preserved specimen of Darwinopterus). It could easily be said that there are no known ornithocheiroids that early, so my drawing is speculative.
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Cool stripes! What's wrong with Greg Paul?
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There's nothing "wrong" with Greg Paul, it's just that he's made a big stink (you can go to his website and the DML archives to see what I mean) about people not using his skeletals as references for their own art. There is one other skeletal online of Atlasaurus by a Michael Fontaine, that looks fairly similar (although the skull reconstruction is different).
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Oh okay. I never knew that. Seems kinda weird to make skeletals and not want people to use them.
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Exactly. That's my thoughts as well. Well-researched skeletal reconstructions are science. So to not let them be used by others to restore accurate animals is like a medical researcher saying to a surgeon, "Nope, you can't use these new surgical techniques that we found are better because you will make money off of it in your medical practice." It makes zero sense to me. But apparently he is willing to sue. From his site: "I must require that use of my images as source material for commercial ventures (products, popular books, articles, documentaries, films, exhibits and so forth, as well as nonprofit public efforts) is not acceptable, unless prior arrangements are made with yours truly. Those who wish to pursue paleoart without my involvement need to produce entirely original work (see statement below). I have succeeded in receiving compensation for unauthorized work."

Obviously, plagiarizing material is never acceptable, but using his work as a scientific reference should be allowed. But apparently not.
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Well, that's a bit dickish. He's still one of my favorite paleoartists though.
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This was one awkward little sauropod.
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