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Andesaurus life reconstruction

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Finally got a life restoration of this enigmatic titanosaur done. Andesaurus is a medium-sized basal titanosaur from the Albian–early Cenomanian age of the Cretaceous period (approx. 94-112 million years ago) from the Neuquén Province of Argentina. It was about 16 meters long (52 ft) and about 8-15 tonnes in weight.

An indeterminate tapejarid flies above, and the small unenlagiine dromaeosaur Buitreraptor runs along side.
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Indeterminate tapejarid???? Nah! He looks pretty determined to me! Maybe he sees some hot pizza up ahead? Cool restoration.
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Wowww! this is amazingg!
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Nice; although I have one artistic criticism, I feel there isn't too much contrast in your drawings, it might help to darken them a bit,,. ;)
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Thanks! I agree I need to up the contrast on the drawings. I'll try playing around with the contrast settings next time. :)
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Weuwwww, cool! :D