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Alamosaurus sizes



This is a diagram I came up with showing the various sizes of purported individuals of the saltasaurid titanosaur Alamosaurus.

The largest individual (at just under 27 meters and about 74 tonnes) is based solely on an incomplete tibia that would have been about 170 cm long, discribed by Rivera-Sylva et al. in 2006. The smallest individual (at under 8 meters and less than 2 tonnes) is based on a partially complete specimen described by Lehman and Coulson in 2002.

The second largest specimen to second smallest specimen pictured are based off of, in order, incomplete individuals described by Fowler and Sullivan (2011), undescribed specimen housed at the Perot Museum of Nature & Science, a partial sacrum mentioned by Mateer (1976) and the specimen described by Charles Gilmore (1946). All sizes are approximate due to the fragmentary nature of the specimens, and are subject to revision upon discovery of more complete specimens.


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If you remake this stuff in future, should be put t-rex (Scotty) for comparisonsorz is better.