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Welcome to the group!!!! We are glad You're here :3 Even if You only are watching the drawings or something like that :3 We like Paladins, like You :3 And We like of course draw, write, or other stuff n.n We like your art and We don't care if they are pony versions, gender bends, furry, OCs, ships, Etc. We'd like to see your art and if you aren't a proffesional... It doesn't mind!!! In the art, the most important thing is the entusiasm :3 Just still working and your drawings and works will be perfect :3

This group have rules, just like others, because We need the rules to stay in good conditions n.n But, What are the rules?

Paw Print .v4 - Red - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x RULES Paw Print .v4 - Red - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x You need to respect!!! The art or the members or no member. You have your opinion but They too, so be nice
Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x Don't think about doing Spam or being annoying, We don't want that in this group
Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x This group is for Paladin's art! We know your others drawings are good too, but this group is only for Paladins: Champions of the Realm art please
Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x Only members/ contributors can submit artwork to the group. If you want to submit your work, join the group!
Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x Be creative and have fun!!!


Red Bullet by NyssaDuck Please! Submit your art in the correct folder
Red Bullet by NyssaDuck We don't accept drawings made with bases
Red Bullet by NyssaDuck No NSFW drawings without warning

Some asks!

-Can I submit something with blood?
+You can, but please, put a mature warning

-Where do I need to put my drawing or picture if I don't know what's the correct folder for it?
+You can put the picture in the "Etc" foler


ying fanart  by ShanaChups ying fanart :iconshanachups:ShanaChups 6 0 Paladins Ying - Photo manipulation by nitinchamp Paladins Ying - Photo manipulation :iconnitinchamp:nitinchamp 18 2 Evie the Ice Witch by ArcticSandwich Evie the Ice Witch :iconarcticsandwich:ArcticSandwich 13 1 HRX Party Crashers by souzouinc HRX Party Crashers :iconsouzouinc:souzouinc 171 8 The Merrymaker by souzouinc The Merrymaker :iconsouzouinc:souzouinc 127 6 Witchy White Rabbit by souzouinc Witchy White Rabbit :iconsouzouinc:souzouinc 63 3 Try and Run! by souzouinc Try and Run! :iconsouzouinc:souzouinc 405 20 Paladins Androxus wallpaper #crownmageddon by Dralec-celarD Paladins Androxus wallpaper #crownmageddon :icondralec-celard:Dralec-celarD 38 3
I'm sorry but I'm at university, I can't be changing every picture to the right folder. I know everyone got their issues but I can't be doing your job. I don't care how the drawing looks, if it's in the trash folder, it will be deleted. It was created for a reason, for people to respect the rules... If you just put the picture in the wrong folder you could just put a message and I would change your picture but I can't change ALL the pictures, I'm sorry :/

And THANK YOU. There are people using the correct folders all the time, thank you so much! you don't know how much I appreciate it x3
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Just a group about Paladins to put all your fanart. Feel free to send us your drawings and to join the group, everyone is accepted!
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Art Creation

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But If you like maeve so much don't see my gore paladins art.
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