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Fallen Allina

Made for the "Fallen Child" contest hosted by Supernatural Art, All Artists, High Quality Art and Psycho Artist United.

Some said it was meant to be, some said it was her fault.
4 days ago
Leaving Heavens gates.
It happened so fast. Everything started shattering, Hells gate has been opened down on Earth, it took them few moments to reach Elis (a small town in Heavens kingdom). Couldn't believed my eyes, thousands of demons were storming our home. Thousands more on their way. "The best is yet to come" he said, I instantly recognized that voice. It was Leon, four times the size of any other angel under this sun. We all rushed into the battle, it was now or never. After twenty minutes fighting these beasts, shout came to me "Klaus is dying". He was the most noble arh angel of us all. I made my way to his lying body. "Don't let them take her, Allina, she is..." these were his last words. Entire city was infested with demons, I had to find her "Leon, we gotta move" was all that I said. We made our way to her house just in time, they were nearly in. "You go, I'll buy you some time" he said. I went inside and found her "Your father is dead, I'm sorry, they were too many. We need to hide you". She looked through the window "Hide where? There isn't much left". She was right, I had to think fast. Going to another Heavens town wasn't an option, we were  going to get killed on the way there. We went outside and Leon was the only angel in sight, others were dead. The three of us took a course to Earth.

3 days ago
Searching for life.
Barely made it out of Elis alive, we headed to the kingdom of man. I had no idea what to do. She was only fourteen, not ready for this war. Entire sky was filled with beasts, but it wasn't easy to die with Leon on our side. Few minutes later we got there, Earth was already swallowed. Smoke was rising everywhere, with each passing second more demons were coming out of the gate. The whole area turned into a slaughterhouse. There was blood, bodies hung up, for the world to see, for the world to know. Suddently all their attention turned on us three. "We gotta go, they are coming!" I said, the moment she turned  to me, her eyes started shining. She said "I'm not sure they're going to make it", light was coming out of her body, filling the whole town. It got to a point where I couldn't see anything and then I heard it. Explosion like no other, ground was shaking. It took a minute for the light to go out and then I saw her, wings were half burned, eyes never went back to normal, they kept shining. All demons perished, however the gate wasn't destroyed and so they were coming slowly, one by one. We've spent the rest of the day saving everyone we could. Some were beyond help and some died in my hands. Things that I saw, things that I did - I'll never reach back Heaven with these cursed wings.

2 days ago
Racing the wind
It came to my attention that she was more than just an angel. Satan knew it, her father was trying to tell me. This was a hunt and she was the prey. We were fighting our way out of the city, they were just keep coming and coming. I was starting to get the feeling we were drowning in demons. Luckily, Allina saved us again, performing that blast was taking a lot of her vital energy. No matter how far we went, they were always two steps behind us, hour later we found heavily wounded angel. He told us that he was sent to scout on Earth, also that Heaven is holding on for now. He continued "They are grouping, keeping position, waiting for something before the final attack". He was half right, not something but someone. Everything became clear to me, they needed her to put end of this war. Our fellow angel died, yet another victim of this madness. Allina : "That's it, they will all pay". I said "Look all they're doing is trying to get you, enslave you and then it's all over - Heaven and Earth. It's not about the three of us anymore". Death was everywhere, we just kept avoiding it.

1 day ago
Broken smile
Leon was barely holding up, he was taking all the heavy hits for us, three days in a row now. He never said a word, but I saw him stumbling. I was surprised they still haven't ate us alive. Speaking of that - he had bite marks about everywhere, also broken left wing and missing fingers. We were all beaten up but his condition was really starting to troubles me. We got ambushed again, this time they were all big and too many. Piece of rock hit Allina in the head, she've lost conscious. "Take her and go" he spoke. I was about to reply when he pushed me into her direction. "And what of you?" I said. "I'm just fine"these were his last words, I took her body and set to the sky. I saw him getting knocked out and taken away. Found my way to another town, seemed like everybody left in panic, it was so quiet. She woke up, instantly asked where's Leon. "Still alive. He bought us some time, just enough to get away. I'm going back for him when this is over, one day". Her eyes turned all black, she said "Tommorow". Cold night was falling down upon humanity.

Don't say goodbye
Daylight brought nothing but emptiness here on Earth. We just woke up when they found us. She said "Stay here", I wasn't going to let her go alone. She waved her hand, suddently I felt force greater than me, it wouldn't let me move. Door slowly opened itself, she went out. The moment the door shut, entire city got wiped out. Buildings, demons, everything was gone. I ran outside and asked her "Are you hurt?"and she said "I can no longer feel the pain". Moment later she added "Come with me" and flew across the sky, I followed, not like I could have stopped her. "I'm going to destroy the gate even if I never see tommorow". Deep down I knew she chose the right thing to do. During the flight she said "I  feel really dark presence there, unlike any other devil. Abomination that feeds on agony and hate". Minutes later we got there. "Now what?" I asked and she said "Distract them so I can finish this". It was Lucypher, he sent his servents to claim what was left of a dying city, but she wouldn't agree that. May God's mercy be with you, for our last hope took the fall for us. It was the last time I saw her. Ever since then only darkness walks beside me.

Art and the story are original, I made them from the scratch. No stock used.
Program - photoshop.
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the fire of the one is so well done! Love it !