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MLP: Walking in Hyvella City

By Paladin360
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Air Pad: Ooh, are you wanted to go go, Studio Pad? :3
Soaring Star: *speaking his mind* Please go, two Pad is enough ;n;
Studio Pad: Yup :D Me wanted to go and see see something they have owo
Air Pad: Aw, it is great time we spending time together for 3 day already ;w;
Studio Pad: I know ;w; I'm going to miss you ;o;
Air Pad: Me, too ;w;
Soaring Star: *whisper himself quietly* Not me >.>
Studio Pad: ... Where are you going by the way? :D
Air Pad: We're going to the living quarter building :3 It is FANCY as AIR air!!! :la: *pointing the living quarter with lots of lights and waterfall*
Soaring Star: *notice and talking himself* Please, please don't say it O~O;;;
Studio Pad: Ooh, I'm going to see you when I done done!!! :D ... owo *sees him faint and giggle* hehe X3
Air Pad: *derp* Ok :D See you later :D *bite his tail and drag him to living quarter. Waving her goodbye*

Studio Pad: *waving* Alright!!! :D Let's go to another city \(^w^)/ I bet they have a good stuff OwO *run off* Wheesh (/^v^)/
Magic Pencil: *follow her*
Studio Pad: *Taking a magic train. Riding toward the Hyvella City. Starring nature and farm or whatever they have* Oh, art art ;w; This is so much joy of train ride (/^3^\) *sees the floating building* Ooh, We're almost there Pencil pen pen!!! \(^w^)/
Magic Pencil: *bouncing of excited*
Studio Pad: I KNOW, RIGHT!!! :D I do hope they have a blue glowing candies :3 or even better? Glowing colors pencil ^u^ YEEE!!!! >w< I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT CITY THEY HAVE!!! 8D *train stop and jump over the train window instead of exit door* Yesh!!! ^u^ Let's go explore plore pen pen :D hehe X3
Magic Pencil: *bounce twice*
Studio Pad: *running though the city. Ooh, this is nice place owo *sees those two talking with her doe desk next to her* I think she has her new house ^u^ hehe X3 I think this city is new owo Or street?! :I Who knows X3 *start walking and talking to stranger* HI!!! 8D
Stavik: Huh? Oh, hi ^^
Studio Pad: Do you know where's art supplies is? :3
Stavik: Art supplies? Well, it is pretty far though you going to ^^
Studio Pad: How far far is it? :3
Stavik: Do you see that huge floating building?
Studio Pad: *looking at it* Yesh :3
Stavik: That's a place you go ^^ It is where the art supplies is :)
Studio Pad: Oh, darn ;n; What place I'm in? ;w;
Stavik: Just a living place ^^ 
Studio Pad: Living place? I knew it something is weird with full of house I've seen ;w; Thanks mister :D
Stavik: You're welcome ^^ *walking while humming*
Studio Pad: *looking at the big floating building* It is pretty far to walk walk :v
Magic Pencil: *making sad pose* ;n;
Studio Pad: ... *looking around* Hm, I think... I think he is here here where he live owo I'm going to check him out :D I bet he always love dancing ^u^ Let's go :D *run off* WHEE!!! (/^o^)/ *outside his house and peeking his window* No pony here here owo Where is he be? o3o *gasp* I know where he at at!!! :D *run off again* Yay (/^o^)/

???: *in the Quilta Wood. training himself alone with his dance move* Come on! Show me some move!!!
Studio Pad: *in the bush and stalking him* here he is :3 *watching him using dance attack* Good old time when I still remember owo He is very young stallion owo heheh eue Huh?! owo AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! D8
???: *jump high kick toward the bush where she is* Huh? :/
Studio Pad: *jump out from the bush* Me like blueroom :3 
Magic Pencil: *floating* :3
???: HEY!!! :D need help :3
Studio Pad: Yupiee \(^w^)/ *being pulled and remember from her future of Lumorian war*

At the Future memories
???: *pull her back up and pat her back* Don't hurt yourself!!! :D
Studio Pad: You got it :D ... owo
???: *spinning kick every Lumorian soldier and jump with high dance power kick toward the Lumorian infantry walker* THIS WHAT IT'S DONE!!! 8D *back flip two time* Who next of my dance style

Studio Pad: *being wave* huh? owo
???: Are you ok? You seem lost or something? :) Need drink!!! :D I have plenty of drink! :D See!!!
Studio Pad: *looking at his drink with lots of big drinking bottle with lots of cups* Whoa, that's alot you got there, Charus!!! OWO *cover her mouth* oops!!! OXO
Charus Dancer: *start laughing* How did you even know my name?! X'D
Studio Pad: Lucky guess... owo;;;;
Charus Dancer: Whoa, don't worry :D I never mad at you when you lucky guess my name ^^
Studio Pad: Ok ;w;  
Charus Dancer: *packing his stuff* Lets go my place to hang out :) Since you here to see me, right? :3
Studio Pad: That's right :D

At the future while Studio Pad still missing in action
Charus Dancer: *high dance power kick toward the Lumorian assault walker* Don't mess with the Diamond family!!! >: D
Sky Raid: Good job Charus!!! :D
Charus Dancer: As you a same! ;D So, where's Studio Pad be?
Sky Raid: Still haven't find her yet DX 
Charus Dancer: Relax :D I bet they will find her for sure :)

-------------------- Deleted Story --------------------
    ~~~ There is no deleted story for now ~~~

-------------------- Creative Dream Pad, Sketch Pad, and Pink Candy Cane Shire speaking -------------------- 

Creative Dream Pad: Pally360 not feeling well lately owo
Sketch Pad: Oh, that's why he just do not much detail in it? :3
Creative Dream Pad: Yup ^u^ He keep telling himself alot :3
Pink Candy Cane Shire: Sugary candies cane!!! What is he keep talking himself? D:
Sketch Pad: Tell meh, dumb dumb cousin!!! :la:
Creative Dream Pad: Well... Pally is wanted to end his life again ^^ Which is fourth or fifth attempt ;w; What he say about his Lung being pain and feel like a bullet? :3
Pink Candy Cane Shire: I do remember owo
Sketch Pad: Same owo
Creative Dream Pad: Well, he just let it be and continue feeling the pain ^u^ And he realize that he has no friend at all on online ^^
Pink Candy Cane Shire: Oh....
Sketch Pad: ....
Creative Dream Pad: That's why he keep imagining us we are real ^u^ Pretending we giving him a gift :D Diamond Day (Christmas gift), birthday and making him happy ^U^ 
Sketch Pad: It is really pain to see him being sad all day... Speaking of sad? If you see him how he talk happy and think he is happy? He is not happy at all, pretending saying ok and fine. He always being sad. If he happy? He just being happy for an second like 3 or 5 ^^ Only thing he always happy is... We are here and imagining us of his fantasy world of his mind ^u^ Pally360? We all here for you :D And we are NEVER abandon you ;n; 
Pink Candy Cane: He is crying though he is typing ;n; Oh, about ghost friend? They change there mind and let him be ^^ Anyway night :D
Sketch Pad: Night \(^w^)/
Creative Dream Pad: Night \(^v^\)
Music I've listen to: SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] Feat. mizuki - ViEW「2V-ALK」
Location: Hyvella City
Time Line: Realm of Awaken
Faction/nation/whatever: Diamond Empire
Characters: Studio Pad
Realm/Planet: Artosia Realm
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-------------------- Realm of adventure, Air Pad (not in order) --------------------

The tour of Moon Sword City
Air Pad freak out of Artosia
Arrival from future
Notice of freaking out
Taking a lunch break
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I love how you draw their nose and mouth to show their happy face expressions! It brightens the viewer's day!

Paladin360's avatar
Yesh (/^v^)/ smile is great without anger and stuff stuff something like that ^u^ The great shire who's making them hope and dream without depress and stuff \(^w^)/
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I agree, we need more smiles and happiness!

Hope is a great thing! :)

Paladin360's avatar
yesh \(^w^)/ to be honest, I'm getting tired of people being depress and people need to get along and be together, instead of money or whatever they thinking of >.< Wish, my story is real and came alive ;w;
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Yes, I wish so too :) Depression is a serious problem! We need more peace & happiness!
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About the story? I wanted to make people to change, but not very much never read and just a story there :c Want people to be nice and be peace to get along to together ^u^ Oh, well, what people think, just a story =w=
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Yeah nice to live in peace and happiness! :)

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Happily forever ^u^ So, much relaxing not to dealing hate and stuff there >w>
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Oh my gosh, I cannot even imagine how crazy it could get with two members of the Pad family together in one city!

Aw, I hope you feel better soon :-(
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Creative Dream Pad: They going to be so MUCH fun of Pad family together and ever \(^o^)/ Also, he never feel better :3 He always being sad all years ^^
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This is sooo adorable my friend ^^
Those buildings are beautiful x3
Paladin360's avatar
Sketch Pad: Wheesh, she is adorable ^u^ And me like building :3 *boop* X3
MindyLunar's avatar
Paladin360's avatar
Sketch Pad: Thanks :3
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You're welcome^u^
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Aurora Wyler : X3 🤣🤣

Nefertiti : 🤣🤣

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Studio Pad: I'm going to ice dump on you two for no reason X3
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Aurora Wyler and Nefertiti : wait ... What!?

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Studio Pad: You heard me o3o
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