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Merry Christmas! (Alive?) (Crimson Dames needs U!)

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 25, 2015, 12:07 AM
Merry Christmas all!!!
I just wanted to inform you all that I am indeed still alive. XD
Thank you all so much for you birthday wishes they mean a lot to me!
Though I've been silent I check in on my feed daily.
I have many comments to respond to and many thanks to give out. ^ o^


I dropped off the grid towards the end of my Dragon Shield job which bled into a brief forced vacation to El Paso (Of all places). XD
With my Dragon Shield Job complete I'm looking for ways to start funding my works going into 2016. (I'll start posting those dragon illustrations very soon too. ^_~

Being somewhat Dragoned out at the moment I was really wanting to get back to work experimenting with Werewolves.
I wanted to start with a simple stand alone werewolf short but as the ideas started flowing I found it would be easy / fun to tie the characters directly into my Crimson Dames story line.

The problem is that I have zero cash flow at this moment. I am essentially unemployed. U oU
I'm hesitant to start up any more big commissions because I really want to throw my energies into a property I can call our own.
Something that will continue to bring returns down the road as I refine and add onto it.

The plan at the moment was to offer the comic to my Patrons on Patreon as a tier reward and as paid content for every one else via sites like Ejunkie.
Right now the goal is to secure next months bills through this project. In hopes of creating a cushion to fall back on I've started selling some of my precious Anime Figurines on Ebay.
I'm quite sad to see them go but the priority is to keep producing new artwork at all cost and avoid the ever dreaded "Real Job" Whatever those are. XD
I would like to avoid selling off some of my more precious figures like my Princess Mononoke statues of San and Ashitaka, but times are desperate. Y oY

Alternatively I'm contemplating offering a sort of pre order / tip jar to those willing to support the project as early adopters.
I only need 600 a month to survive bare bones so with enough help It "should be" easy enough to to raise the funds I need to survive next month while I produce the content.

Already I've been posting rough sketches on my Patreon Feed.
I want the entire creative process to be visible to those wanting to learn more about the craft.
I guess If I can gather enough material I could go the crowd funding route via Indigogo or something similar.
Tell me what method would work best for you the fans of my works and I'll do my best to keep it simple for everyone.


Oh as for the story itself. Here is a Brief synapses.

A Mother and her two Daughters are on the verge of starvation having become outcasts from their fiefdom.
Weak and emaciated the curse of lycanthropy has crept into their household via a grave mistake of the Mothers.
Terrified at what she's become she attempts to resist the curse with all her might.
Since becoming imprisoned by her own daughter, however, her ability to fight the change is fading fast.
Her daughter having fully embraced the intoxicating nature of the beast is using it's power to gorge herself on those who she feels has wronged her.
Can their family survive their night of transformation or will their minds be torn asunder?


With this work I will explore my own take on how the Curse of Lycanthropy and how it affects a persons psyche.
How their willingness to fight or feed the beast inside affects all those around them.
It will be a dark tale, horrific yet sensual. One that will introduce many of the core elements that are key to the world of Crimson Dames.

The main three characters will be Babette (The Mother), and Mariette and Cosette (Her twin Daughters). I Got the idea to tie them into the origin of one of the characters I had intended to make into a boss character for a Crimson Dames Board/card Game of some sort. I am still actually deeply interested in the idea and have been doing quite a bit of studying of game mechanics that would translate well for the story. I thought it would be especially interesting to show the affect gorging ones self as a werewolf would have on ones body with one twin being fit and healthy where the other is weak and emaciated.
Currently I'm working on capturing the look of the characters as they transform and doing my best to ensure their character transfers into their final form keeping them recognizable.

I've started inking some of the stronger of the sketches I developed while I was away in Texas. I'll be posting all of the preproduction work to Patreon with updates here.
I'll start Livestreaming much more as well as I attempt to gain as much positive exposure as is possible for the project. Please spread the words to fans of horror and especially werewolves who you think might be interested in the project. I'll post more details as they develop but I would especially like to hear more about what you think of it all. ^_~



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Crimson Dames

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AndronicusVII Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2015
Good to hear you are still around!  And yes, I do back you on Patreon.  

Merry Christmas!
Paladin-Ciel Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yep I've been quite busy and will be busier still.

Thank you again so much for supporting me there! I can not express properly in words how huge a help it is for me.

I'm hoping this new project will start to draw in a wider audience to Patreon that can help me to meet my financial needs.

Its like I'm surviving on low power mode.

I'm hoping that I'll eventually be able to use the full brightness setting on my life. haha XD
AndronicusVII Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
Look forward to what you come out with!
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December 25, 2015