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True/False Mermaids

The completed Mermaids! A revisit to a creature design I created back in 2011! Man has it been so long??…

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Tell me what you think and please remember to fave and share as much as you can it really helps me out a ton to reach out to new people and helps to strengthen my financial situation.

True/False Mermaids - Process Gif by Paladin-Ciel  Crimson Dames - Moonlit Transformation by Paladin-Ciel  Shards of Persona - Plains Guardian by Paladin-Ciel  Lady Kerberos by Paladin-Ciel
Shards Of Persona: Minotauress - 2017 by Paladin-Ciel  Crimson Dames - Pre-production Pitch Book 2016 by Paladin-Ciel
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AWESOME PIECE! :D :D I do love a darker depiction of mermaids than the sailor-rescuing and romance tradition, something more like what 'Pirates of the Caribbean' did. :nod: :nod:
I love the size comparison between the two mermaids - assuming the smaller one is roughly human-sized makes the larger one seem that much more terrifying! There Might be Zombies Run Away Both of them look pretty muscular, with the bulbous upper-arm muscles and the toned abdomens! :nod: :nod: (I think their giant forearms help with that effect.) The glittering effect on the mermaids' tail flukes and ear-fins look very gorgeous, like the glittering light-effects some big-city four-star hotels might use in black-floored fountains.Nommy smile Thumbs up Once again, I love how this isn't just a blank-background profile pic despite the characters' poses; with the ocean background and bubble-columns, especially given how some of the bubbles rise from the larger mermaid's mouth! :nod: Thumbs up The background furthermore looks gorgeous for how it fades from deep-blue closer to black at the horizontally-aligned image borders.:smile: Thumbs up 
I love the smaller mermaid's design combination of human and sea mammal features - her lower body looks like a dolphin's body, with a human waistline replacing the neck. I love her bendy, wavy body posture, the front fins below her waistline area, the gills on her sides and neck, the toned humanlike chest, the ear-fin-ridges poking out from among her humanlike hair, and the giant, dorsal-finned claw arm. I at first wondered where the mermaid's other arm is, because it looked like there was no break in her right-side outline where her right arm could be hidden behind her back - then I saw the line resembling a surgical scar by her shoulder, and I'm now guessing her arm got amputated if your original true/false mermaid story is canon to this. I think I can see a similar scar on the small mermaid's right hip, further giving the impression (if one's aware of the original story when viewing this) that she's been experimented on in a laboratory. The way her hair covers her eyes makes her look mysterious and unsettling, and her cold-looking mouth isn't a comfort in the face of the monstrous other mermaid at all. There Might be Zombies
As for the bigger mermaid, I LOVE her demonic-looking jaws and the shark-like teeth, and her eyes' yellow colour make her look quite unsympathetic! :nod: :nod: (Come to think of it, her eyes, grinning mouth and teeth evoke your old 'Envenomed' piece. :)) Her face looks so devoid of humanity, compared to the other mermaid who seems cold verging on bitter. I love the way her black hair flows out around her, and the crest of spikes above her breasts makes her look quite intimidating, and her giant clawed arms look beautifully terrible! Nommy smile :smile: The fact she has two pair of flipper-fins on her lower-body instead of one (I'm not sure if the smaller mermaid likewise has a second pair, obscured by the larger one's claw) further gives her a mosasaur-evocative leviathan-vibe compared to the smaller mermaid. :nod:emote emoticon quick nod I love the details on the large mermaid's metatarsals, though the bulbous joints at the knuckles look to me a bit off and unrealistic. I also love the blue flame-like effect on her fins' spines' ends. :nod: :nod: The scars and batter-marks covering the larger mermaid further make me think this piece is canon to your original mermaid conception - some of those marks even look like bullet-hole scars, and I'm pretty sure that's a heart-surgery scar between her breasts. Oops! Oops! 

GREAT PIECE!! :clap::clap: clap clap :clap: :clap: Clap! clap remake 1b :clap: :icee-clap: Clap emoticon Hyper Clap bear clap emoji 
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Thank you so much!

You always have such detailed comments I feel bad for not being able to think of something more interesting to reply with. Yo  Y
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They are really cool.
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Thankyuuuuu ^ o ^
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You're welcome. I think the larger mermaid is probably her protector or friend, but she does look awesome being a kaiju with her sharp claws and teeth. I'm guessing she's based on a cartilaginous fish.

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Yup I wanted to give her more shark esque features, but she's also based on an earlier pic I drew over a decade back now. XD

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Haha, yeah. I know fish are really diverse and I would not mind seeing more diverse takes on mermaids that's not just a woman with the lower half of a fish since fish are the most diverse vertebrates from bloodsucking lampreys; scavenging hagfish that could cover their bodies in slime if threatened; ancient lobe finned fish like coelacanths to air breathing lungfish; cartilaginous fish like rays, chimeras, and sharks; and ray finned fish like sunfish to catfish.

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Btw before i read comments was under impression that bigger is "true" one and smaller blonde is "false". Like true ones are eldrich monsters and false ones are human halfbreeds or something like that.
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hehe could be one way to go with it ^  o^
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The disturbing thing is, which is a real mermaid, and which is fake?
Paladin-Ciel's avatar
Ah hadn't considered that. Having drawn them up I know which is which, but its a perspective I hadn't considered yet. ^ _^
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It's an interesting perspective...I'd go out with either to be honest.
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hehe just be sure to not leave anything important you'll be needing back near the big ones mouth. ^ o^
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Looks great! Especially like the glowy bits
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Thankyuuu!  ^  o^
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