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The Lycan's Chapel

I don't have a full story excerpt yet to include with this piece but I'll resubmit it once I do. For the now though heres a bit of the story that started to develop in my head as I worked on it this past week...

Little by little a story started to form in my head concerning where this piece falls in the wider story. And I think it will work best as a frontier mission that has become isolated when surrounding towns were destroyed by the various monsters that roam those lands. 

A chapel where some of the patrons have become werewolves. Rather than simply give in to the lure of power and lust they do what they cant to resist and maintain their humanity. They would play a role later in the series, somewhere in the third arc where things are at their most dire, and help illuminate the true nature of those cursed with lycanthropy for the Crimson Dames.

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Thanks a ton everyone! I'd love to hear back from you all too about what you think, which version is your favorite? I'm sort of leaning towards the bottomless variant myself due to how the colors play with the entirety of the piece. 

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Love the different shades of blue in this peice.
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Thanks so much! :D
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Welcome, also like the struggle aspect with her resisting yet smiling at the same time. Creepy.
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hehe yeah was an aspect I really wanted to capture. That mix of terror, anticipation, and desire.
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You hit it on the head!
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